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Wal mart seems to hire the laziest people in the world.this is the several time this has happened at the wal mart in rancho cucamonga.i went to get a waist trimmer and the one on the shelf had a broken zipper so i asked an employee to see if any are in the back.he calls out to another employee and is ignored so he has to finally work and do it himself(god forbid).he checks the computer and tells me there two left but says theyre not in the back.he states that the broken one must be one and the second one must have been stolen.he didnt bother to even check.i was gonna order online at but then told myself i would rather spend money elsewhere than to spend money in a store i always have customer service issues i spent $8 more and got it somewhere else.definitely worth it

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Again, BigBruce schools the uneducated.


while I understood Consumer's point, it would have taken forever to find that waist trimmer. so then the original poster would have been mad about how long it took, whether they found it or not.

and the original poster needs a waist trimmer but calls the employee lazy? plus how did they know that the employee wasn't allowed to leave the area they were in?


The OP is too lazy to use the shift key to begin a sentence with a capital letter. Same with consumer.


Comment to bigbruce, I worked in retail also and them darn computers only know what is put into them by Humans, and GOD knows we don't make mistakes. Now if you actually looked instead of getting that soda you may have found it had been returned damaged like the one the lady had, or it could have been picked up by another customer and just laid in the store somewhere because us customers who think we know better than anyone else have never done that when deciding we don't want something.

The right thing to do would have been to actually look, if you couldn't find it then, you as a representative of the store should have asked if she had a computer that it could be purchased on line or offered to call another location for her to see if perhaps they may have one they could put on hold for her. it's lazy people like this that give these retailers a bad name.


And another customer who thinks they know better than anyone else. Everything in the backroom is "binned", which will show if there is anything in the back on the Gemini or handheld.

However, maybe the associate should have borrowed one of my tricks. When I know something is not in the back, but the customer is being somewhat of a pain in the A55, I go to the back, grab a soda from the vending machine, then walk back out after finishing my drink only to tell the customer I couldn't find the item anywhere :zzz .