Lewisville, Texas
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After Mr. Sam Walton passed God rest his soul!!!

and his 3 brat children took over things have drastically changed for the worst they are multi billionaires and they keep changing things around you find something you like and they stop carrying it ect ... I could go on and on about that. they can have 20 to 30 or more people in line at checkout and still only have 1,2 and if your lucky 3 check out lines open so you have wait for ever even if you have just a few items. Employees are great although I don't why.

I read the biggest complaint from them is the owners took the paper toilet seat covers out of the bathroom to save money again we are talking about 3 multi billioniares worring about saving money on something so petty. I bet Mr. Walton is turning over in his grave seeing what his billionaire brats have turned his ( HIGH QUALITY ) store into. I'm going to stop for now BUT we do have smaller store in Watson, La.

and you never have wait in line and they do a lot of business if someone sees you standing in line they come and get you and they keep way moor registers open than Walmart. And they are a smaller store although you could not tell by looking at the parking lot ***

Reason of review: OWNERS.

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You can be certain that the billionaire children are NOT involved in and day to day trivial decisions. If they do anything at all it's making million dollar business decisions.

Middle and lower management are the ones that actually run the stores at detail level.

That's the way all large companies work. The owners do no not know anything about toilet paper decisions, I promise.


And those billionaire children would never give any kind of handout to some poor person who was down and out on their luck and homeless. Too greedy. They are so rich that they could use crisp brand new one hundred dollar bills for toilet paper and never run out of money.


Those billionaire brats should give away most of their money to charity to poor Americans, not just to people in Africa like Bill and Melinda Gates do.