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It doesnt bother me that I was not proffesionally taken care of in the Walmart Wireless store in front of the actual store. What bothers me is that most Walmarts are consistently sub standard in the retail sector.

I officially shopped my last day at any Walmart. Because im kind of sick of poor service and rude staff members cross the board. Its almost like Walmart chooses this path of not caring about there customers. Because I have experience a plethera of poor decisions and unhappiness by Walmart staff.

I really dont want to surround myself in that atmosphere. I might spend a little more at other outlets. But I dont have to deal with imcompetence anymore. I have already complained today with Walmart management.

The sad thing is, they dont seem to care. Which makes me believe that upper corporate types such as the CEO and etc.. follow this same guide line. You may think that im being a little harsh on Walmart.

Its not just this location, its most every location that Walmart consumes. There customer service is poor, poor, poor. Big time!!!!! Honestly im fed up and hope that anyone who agrees with me will consider my choice.

I could go into detail about this afternoon's experience. But im not going waist my time in rehashing my experience. Its not worth it. Lets just say that the clerk and manager of store need to reevaluate there ethics on helping consumers.

Until they take any of this serious. Walmart will remain sub standard in my eyes when it comes to the public.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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So you expect superior service from people making minimum wage? Hahahahahahahaha.....

Ok.... You're a d.ouche


I agree. The way Walmart has no standards for their employees disgusts me.

I was basically given a lecture by an employee on how to pay. It was ridiculous and the employee had made me dislike how Walmart runs and treats their customers. I've worked and their behavior differs greatly from mine. My manager was respectable and strict.

She supervised everyone from using to cameras with audio and asking the customers personally on how they were treated. If anyone was acting out-of-order in any way, they were fired immediately. Walmart is just not cup of tea. These anons need to realize people have rights and deserve to be treated well even if it is Walmart.

Walmart always seemed to be the company that treats me horrible. L


You are the one that has bad manners and then when you are called up on your bad manners you complain. You claim other people are racist when it is yourself who is racist by ASSuming that because someone is Hispanic they were not born here and are immigrants.

You claim you are classified as behaving a certain way because you are Asian. Yet you think it is okay to classify someone who is Hispanic as being an immigrant, and someone working at Walmart as low class. You were given a lecture on how to pay because you were rude, and your mommy obviously did not raise you right. You want respect earn it, treat others with respect, and for crying out don't play the race card when someone calls you on your behavior.

Also tell them about how you use other usernames just to make it seem like people are siding with you. Which name do you prefer, Jason, JillianR, or timidperson. Tell them about how you were pretending that timidperson and Jillian are two different people but about how you got caught being the same person by accidentally posting in the wrong account.

I notice how since you were caught that you stopped replying. You just have a hard time admitting you are wrong and play the race card when you are told you are wrong.


I'm sure the employee behavior isn't as bad as your poor spelling, punctuation, etc. I have shopped at various WalMarts over the years and haven't had any problems.

Maybe you just plain have a bad attitude and that brings out the worst in the employees. Politeness and good service is a two way street.


Maybe you're right about my punctuating abilty. I was writing this in the middle of the night.

I'm sorry that I was tired and made some errors. Unfortunately, the service at WalMarts, need to be reevaluated. But regardless of that, I don't have a bad attitude. My attitude is very positive.

I find it hard to believe, that you have never encountered a bad experience. Why are you probing complaints, from pissed off customers at WalMart? Are you part of the poor management team? Or maybe you have no life.

One thing is for sure. I have higher expectations than you do. As for myself, I do not encounter poor service issues, at other retail stores.

There is an obvious distinction.


Are you a child. Only a child would ASSume that someone who defends a company that they work for that company.

It would be like me saying that you are making up lies about a company because you were recently fired by your childish logic. Why do you find it hard to believe that the other person never encountered a bad experience. No one is probing complaints, you write a review you are going to get replies both good and negative, if negative replies hurt your poor little feelings than don't read them. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean they have no life, and from your reply I have to side with this person and say perhaps you have a bad attitude?

Having high expectation just shows that you have bad attitude, and have entitlement issues. No before you go around Assuming againI am not one of the poor management team.