Monroe, Michigan

I bought a camera at Walmart for my daughter for her school trip. It didn't work right.

I went back 19 days later with my receipt, to either get my money back or get an exchange for another one.They told me after 15 days there is nothing they can do. The school trip was 15 days.What a rip off to the consumer.Wal-Mart doesn't tell you that when you're buying it.

The minimum wage employee told me 90 day warranty,they not only lie to your face,they just look at yo and tell you have a nice day after they rip you off.

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So your daughter used the camera and YOU sought to return it AFTER its PRINTED ON THE RECIEPT DATE and somehow THEY are the bad guys?? Ok, we KNOW for a FACT that YOU wanted to RENT the camera.

People in RETAIL are NOT as *** as YOU would like to make them seem. THEY KNOW what YOU are pulling. While they cant say anything to YOU while on the clock HERE they CAN!!! And trust me WE ARE TIRED OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!!

Its ppl like YOU that are KILLING small businesses. YOUR cheapskate screw the world mentality. But thankfully this will ALL end up biting YOU in the end. Because then there will be NO JOBS for your children.

NO PLACE to get help with your problems.

NO ONE to give a *** about YOU. Replaced with online shopping and robotic employees.


They have a giant sign in the electronics department with the return policy on it. The receipt also has the return policy for electronics on it.

Sounds to me like you wanted to use it for her trip and return it. Man i wish *** people like you would just fall off the face of the earth because there is no room for people like you.


the return policy is posted on the bottom of the reciept. If people read what is around them like signs, and manuals, there wouldn't be so many useless questions or returns to walmart.


thats why you check the stores return policy before you buy certain things!! duh its not a rip off its called another dumb *** customer


15 on electronics and cameras and 90 on other general merchandise and I for one don't lie to the customers so get your freaking facts straight! and 2 off all if you call and ask like so many other customers do just to make sure you would have known that huh! I guess your phone was broke to would you like to try to return that to!


"The minimum wage employee..."

First, Wal-Mart pays more than minimum wage. Second, do you look down on people with jobs that they need to support their families? Would you prefer they go on welfare?

Kindly throw yourself off of a bridge, lady.


90 warranty is covered by the company whom make the camera. you need to call them phone number in manual. if you read the back of the receipt, it tell you about returns