Oxford, Mississippi
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In November they had a sale "Event 2 10 pm Thursday November 22 while supplies last" They had the 16gig SanDisk Flash drive for $6.97 which I needed four of. Well I knew it was a gimmick and there would be only a few of each item at my store for the 250,000 ads mailed out so wisely I didn't bother.

The next afternoon I had to get a few things and I noticed that they still had the drives, a huge bin full of them. So I got them and when I got to the register they were twice the price. I went to customer service and they said the special price was only at 10pm. So I figure they put out a couple of them, sold them, and when the crowds went away raised the price electronically and put the rest of the drives out.

I am suggesting that when you get Walmart ads in your paper or in the mail just recycle them without reading. Chances are its all just a come-on.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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actually, walmart had plenty of the Sandisk flash drives available for the black friday sale. Just because you didn't feel like venturing out the night before in order to get them doesn't mean that they put out a 'small amount' in order to trick people or something.

It was a sale specifically for that night.

You (wrongfully) assumed that they'd be difficult to get, and now you're blaming walmart for something they didn't do. Get a life.