Springdale, Arkansas
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People on my other complaint here on Pissed Consumer touched on this yesterday, but I forgot to mention them. There is another complaint about Walmart customers that I need to vent and get off my chest.

It is people blocking the aisles talking, people walking right in the middle of an aisle yapping on their cell phones and not paying attention, and people who just leave their cart right in the middle of the aisle blocking it while looking at stuff. No empathy for others. Most of these people are grown *** people too. They should know better.

Another complaint is parents who let their children run amok in the store. Seems a majority of them are hispanic people too. It just ticks me off.

Many of these parents are probably in this country illegally as well. We are letting our nation be invaded and I am sick and tired of it!

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gee i guess in my neck of the woods its white folks who let thier kids run all over. and by the way i am white.

when you run over one of the little brats say oh excuse me i didn't see you. this happens everywhere. most people on in thier own little worlds and never come up for air. and most can't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time so what are ya gonna do.

you often wonder how they get out of be in the mornings. guess thier beds are in a corner and theyhave to crawl out the end.


This sort of thing happens everywhere and yes it is annoying...


What does this have to do with pissed consumer and companies?

Your *** is showing.....


That happens anywhere you go. Not WM's fault.

No need to get racial either. I'm sure someone has been behind your slow, aisle hogging behind thinking the same thing as you.


You should just stay the *** home!