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During a trip to Walmart today 12/2/18, I was speaking with an employee the electronic department, and a front end self serve employee, both of whom said "Happy holidays " to me. I stopped them both and told them to not say "happy holidays ", instead say MERRY CHRISTMAS, to which they both said they hate saying happy holidays too, but are "afraid and fearful" to say MERRY CHRISTMAS for fear of an anti Christmas customer complaining , and they both said they were afraid of Walmart management.

I told them both, not to bow down at the feet of political correctness, to stand up, speak up, have some courage and backbone and be the Americans they are, and say what they want, which is MERRY CHRISTMAS. Walmart, which makes their fortune in America, enjoys the freedoms my country prov ou des them, does not have enough gratitude for what my country has given them, to EMBRACE AMERICAN TRADITION, and say MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Disgustingly weak behavior on Walmarts part. Disgusting.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Happy Holidays!!


They say happy holidays because that's what they were told to say if they want to continue to work there. It's that simple...

It's so sad that you feel the need to make yourself feel better by picking on people you think can't retaliate against you. Further, it's Hanukkah and people who adhere to that belief buy @#$# too and don't they don't want to offend a paying customer. In case you didn't know, the bosses care nothing for your Pagan holiday(look up the origins of Christmas) or any other holy day for that matter. They care about the only god they worship $$$.

That said, they want every $$$ in the door they can get and won't offend people with $$$ to spend. My biggest wish is not to put Christ back in Christmas, my wish is to put Christ back in Christian. Soon, you'll stand tall before the man after you die, do you think you'll get a high 5 for being a jerk @ff to some folks just trying to do their part to worship the ultimate god in this nation, the $$$? No, something tells me the God you claim to believe is wants nothing to do with your behavior.

In fact, your holy scrolls tell you how you must act towards immigrants and refugees.

Something tells me once again, you're cherry picking The Word and think you're a true Christian by saying Merry Christmas. Time to re-think your notions of being a Christian before it's too late fool!


How foolish can you be? There are many people in the country that don't celebrate Christmas but do celebrate other holidays this time of year.

Happy Holidays would be a correct greeting.

Keep in mind that Christianity was brought to this country by immigrants who cheated the original residents of the country out of their land. Unless you are an American Indian you are a descendent of an immigrant or are an immigrant yourself and should look at your attitude towards immigrants who don't celebrate Christian holidays.


I have to agree with you on this one. These immigrants come to live in your country and yet they forbid us from celebrating our holidays.

If the employees are so afraid to say "Merry Christmas" because they want to make us stop celebrating our holidays they should go back to where they came from, shop online, or not shop at all. We should not be forced to stop wishing other's Merry Christmas because of them. It is not just Walmart but everywhere. These people come here for freedom or opportunity, and yet they want us to stop celebrating your Holiday's or wishing people Merry Christmas when they are basically visitors to our country.

Their fault. No one else. They want to live her fine. But let us say Merry Christmas to each other.

If you are offended stay at home, shop online, go back to your country. This is a free country.

We do not stop you from your celebrations and customs, let us enjoy ours. It is not like they are telling the employees to tell people to celebrate Christmas or go to *** Or saying Merry Christmas or got to ***


Where did your ancestors come from?


That's what their bosses tell them to say. If they want to keep getting checks, they will do as they are told.

Further, the so-called pilgrims who landed here were Puritans. They did not celebrate Christmas as they know it's a Pagan holiday with a Christian overlay just as Easter and for that matter Sunday. To convert the Pagans, the Catholic church allowed them to keep their holidays but put a Christian thing on top of them Celebrating the winter solstice became Christmas, Easter, the celebration of spring is another example. Ever wonder why Easter isn't celebrated on the same day?

Thing about it, if we celebrated your death 3 days afterwards, wouldn't it be the same day every year? Easter is a celebration based on the skies... Easter will always be the first Sunday (also of Pagan origins as early Christians only had a 5 day week) after the 1st Full Moon after the 1st Day of Spring.

Sunday is based on an Egyptian and Roman calendar brought to the masses and is now the Gregorian calendar. The ancients worshiped the sun, hence the name SUN's(day).