I have been attempting to apply for a position with Walmart as either a cashier or customer service representative or as a greeter. I am trying to do this from my home computer.

But, every time that I get to the area where it is going to ask me 4 questions, I get the following error message and can go no further. And, I know that my session has not expired. We're Sorry. Either A System Error Occurred Or Your Session Has Expired.

HELP, can you please repair your web site? I know that I could go into the store, but it is much more convenient for me to make the application from home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Reason of review: cannot complete employment application.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: fix the web site.

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I'm having this issue rn


I found the solution. Go work somewhere else!

Walmart is a horrible company to work for, and if you think their web support is bad, just wait til you're working for them. They will screw you out of breaks, lunch breaks, hours worked, vacation time, sick leave, you name it.

They will treat you as expendable and replaceable and any push back at all from you will result in immediate termination. Just go apply somewhere else, anywhere else.


Been trying since January 2021. All these locations *** they can't get anyone well look at this, can only apply through a website with no tech support listed ANYWHERE, *** hasn't worked since 2018.

I mean how stupid is this. You'd think such a big company that cares more would be on top of this kind of thing, especially now that people really need jobs.


You guys mine isn't working aswell an tips?


Trying to create an account to apply ..won’t take any passwords


I figured out that the password has to be between 8 and 11 characters and must include upper and lower case letters and a number. Weird.


I'm having issues also. i got to the page right before the assessment and it pops up system error, i went back and it said assessment failed when i haven't taken it yet


Same here


I have a somewhat similar issue where it won't recognize my password and if I go to change the password incase I had it wrong the password I change it to is also somehow wrong. I keep putting in the correct user ID and password but it keeps telling me it's wrong


I too am having the same problem with user ID and password


im having the same dang issue and my anxiety is stressing me out i wanna be able too see what stage my application is at :">


I use my email instead of the user ID. It's kind of stupid that the space asks for the ID if only the email address will actually work...

but that is what I have found. Still having issues further down the line though!


When I try to create a new pswrd or account, it says my user name is already in use no matter what user name I try and put in


What I hate about that is that it never specifically asks for you to set a username so is iour email? Like what the ***


I log in and then it tells system error has occurred, try again later. This had been going on for days now


Been trying to log into Hiring Center for 3days. Will not load.

Called help center which was not of help. Pissed alsi


you seem as though you are a miserable person.


I can't apply at the store. I get the error message: "An error occurred.

Please try again later. (Playback ID: bmG4gpShh-0rmbA3) Learn More" on the youtube video that pops up after I click the link to the job posting.


Every time I get to the Review your information area the section just loads and it will not let me do anything


OMG , I am having the same issues with trying to log into Walmart to apply for a job !!!!! Why do we not have a resolved answer ?!?!

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