I have been attempting to apply for a position with Walmart as either a cashier or customer service representative or as a greeter. I am trying to do this from my home computer.

But, every time that I get to the area where it is going to ask me 4 questions, I get the following error message and can go no further. And, I know that my session has not expired. We're Sorry. Either A System Error Occurred Or Your Session Has Expired.

HELP, can you please repair your web site? I know that I could go into the store, but it is much more convenient for me to make the application from home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Reason of review: cannot complete employment application.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: fix the web site.

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Every time I get to the Review your information area the section just loads and it will not let me do anything


OMG , I am having the same issues with trying to log into Walmart to apply for a job !!!!! Why do we not have a resolved answer ?!?!


The hiring website is still not working. How are you supposed to apply for a job if you cant get into the system.

There is not even a contact number for tech support for help or anything. Really makes me think....Is Walmart even worth all of the trouble, just saying.


I have the same problem. But I can’t even create an account - an exclamation mark appears in my red triangle near my email and that’s it.

I tried changing the email: gmail, hotmail, yahoo - nothing changes. I found advice in Google - open a website from your phone !!!


The ID the Hiring Center generated for me does not work at all. Every time I try logging in, I get a message stating that the log in isn't recognized nor in their system.

The Hiring Center application is what generated that number.

So now, there is no one to complain to about this (no contacts listed anywhere on their website for this issue). And, I can't apply for any jobs for Walmart either.




I cant even log in even when i type in my id and password on second email attempt and i couldnt do assesment either on my first email


I have been trying to login in to the site for 2 days and nothing. I have an active application but can not apply for a new post.

It is like a vicious circle.

Login, Login, Login. As big as they are they could at least have a computer support group for problems.


Just go stand outside the store and ask everyone that passing you by for spare change.


I'm trying to apply but where it says available jobs the print is jumbled together and I can't read it or click on anything


Its still the same mess.. jumbled and not readable.

The text wont allow you to select a job position to apply for. What do we do??


same here buddy and im trying to apply so im not in college debt


Not making sense, applying for a job and ask you for login, you should register first? No option available?


Yes!! Official WM site not work.

Nothing works! How does one apply for a job at Walmart??

Thanks! B


how to fix a mistake in my aplication which i send to hiring center walmart?


I've tried for 4 days at different times, and as early as 3 a.m. No one to call and complain, Going to the store doesn't help either.

Sure could use a job. Saw a sign for Target, guess I'll go there.


I'm getting the same thing. You have to apply on line.

There is no hiring kiosk in the stores anymore . Personnel managers are no Help.


*** I can’t get past email verification


I am going thru the samehing.


I have tried many many time with different browsers everytime It get "System error occured" while creating profile. It's frustrating.

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