I have been attempting to apply for a position with Walmart as either a cashier or customer service representative or as a greeter. I am trying to do this from my home computer.

But, every time that I get to the area where it is going to ask me 4 questions, I get the following error message and can go no further. And, I know that my session has not expired. We're Sorry. Either A System Error Occurred Or Your Session Has Expired.

HELP, can you please repair your web site? I know that I could go into the store, but it is much more convenient for me to make the application from home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Reason of review: cannot complete employment application.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: fix the web site.

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It is ridiculous. Ive been trying for weeks and always get 'System Error'


Same here, been a few months, I have an account it tells me the password has expired and I need to reset it, then when I enter my email it gives me the System Error, please try again later. Hundreds of tries between laptop/phone, different browsers, everything and still always the same message. How are you supposed to apply when the site doesn't work and they no longer have on site HR in the stores for support and no way to get tech support online?


I expect they wouldn't want any of you if you are not capable of understanding that this web site (pissedconsumer.com) has absolutely nothing to do with Walmart. It's only purposes are to give people a place to whine and mainly to make money for the site owner(s).

No other reason.

If you want to complain about Walmart's web site you need to contact whoever in Walmart maintains their web applications. You will get nowhere complaining here.


You contradicted yourself. The main point of the website is to see everyone's complaint on a website/company and compare and contrast.

Their customer support is little to no help if the website is gonna be absolute garbage. If anything this is their fault, if they get no help and more team members.

Honestly they need to fix this site. And yes im saying it here as an opinion and belief of the website.


Absolutely not helpful considering their hiring site has no way to contact tech support or submit a trouble ticket for help. No phone numbers or emails for contact----NOTHING TO HELP USERS!


Really starting to get mad! Keep getting error has occurred just by simply trying to apply!

I can only get to the part where I put my social in then I get the error! Wtf Wal-Mart how am I supposed to get a job there if the only way to apply is broken?


Just attempted to setup my profile and received a System error occurred. try again later. :(


Same issue, wtf??? Why can't they jjust accept normal applications? tried two different devices and three browsers and the site just won't work


Same problem but it gives me a 404, they changed something but they didn't fix it. It's been A YEAR AND 4 MONTHS since this post. Fix your damn website.


Stupid... I have the same issue as well! Tried on different browsers on different devices all with no success


Same problem. June 12th 2018.

I try to login and can't so I do a password reset and it says We're Sorry.

Either A System Error Occurred Or Your Session Has Expired. I've tried over several days and from different computers and different browsers and it's the same damn error message.


same problem on 4 separate computers at 3 different locations


It is discouraging that you can't go fill out application in store. The online application has not worked at all.

I have brand new tablet with chrome. I do not understand this issue has not been fixed.


Same Problem here


I am getting the same error using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox. They are well past the minimum requirements that Walmart requires. I went into the store and you can't apply there anymore, they've removed the kiosks and told me it has to be done online.


I cant get passed Error Message System Error Time expired. Whats wrong with this.

Every time I start over it gives me the same message.

Please help and tell me how to get past thing. I am trying very hard.Thanks


Same. System error.

Timed out.Does this EVERY time I try to sign in.

Says to reset password, I type in email address then I get this error. Ugh.


And it's still happening... and its March 28, 2018....


Same. It's infuriating that it won't work, and so many people have gotten this error.


Any luck on how to fix it???? Signed, angrier

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