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Applied for credit card on-line. Made a purchase.

Have been emailed the bill but still have not received the card. Can not pay the bill because I do not know the account number because it is on the card. Called their customer service and was told the account had just been approved and the card would be sent out in the next couple of days. Could not explain how I got a bill if the account had not been approved.

I asked how I could pay the bill without an account number and was told I could pay on-line, but you can't pay on-line without the card number. The only option they gave me was to call their payment line and have a representative assist me with the bill pay, but using a representative has a $10 fee.

They will not give you your account number over the phone, so I either wait and hope the card finally shows up, or pay $10.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

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If you have the bill you can take it to a Walmart store and pay it. They can scan the barcode on the bill at customer service and take the payment that way.


If you got a bill just send it in with a check.