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i have to say it.... are you freaking kidding me!?!?

lets break this down and maybe next christmas, when these girls are actually old enough to maybe notice something out of wack, you will have more of an understanding of consumerism, customer service, and supply and demanding children.. If the gifts were SO important that it caused you this amount of emotional trauma over a loss gift for a three year old, who has no real memories yet, then you should have been finding these products in maybe august, or black friday at least, not the week before christmas. The employees involved in retail and customer service certainly had their holidays ruined by the hysterical woman bawling in the middle of their store the week before christmas, screaming about the childrens ruined christmas,, with, no doubt, wonderings of why santa was getting set up as a failure.. like he is God or something so serious that he MUST come through with impossible to get gifts for three year olds.

The wise desperate mother would have been going online to find a santa for hire who would be good enough to come to your house on christmas eve and hand the kids the bike helmits and lie about how rudolph made a bad dive and lost some of the gifts out of the sleigh or that elves were so busy the gifts were not done being built, or other creative lies we have santa tell kids. going hysterical in a store is going to cause you many failed christmases in the future.. were you around for the cabbage patch fiasco? You need to become a much wiser consumer and realize that guaranteed shipments on the 22 of december is a hope of the company,, not a guarantee and especially when much of a quarter of the country suddenly was totally shut down by over 4 feet of snow, shutting down all on time deliveries for the rest of the christmas season.

it had no fault of walmart, the post office, fed ex or ups or any other delivery service... an act of God overrules an act of santa every year. And as for the service rep on the phone saying refund and toys both... sure..

if it gets a hysterical, over demanding woman without a clue of life in the retail world to hang up and calm down... that is exactly what you will hear everytime... lies? no it was not.

she guaranteed you a refund, and delivery on the 26th.. the only part she left out was that you would have to pay for them on the 26th.. that is logical dont you think.. when the guy said they were holding the package because they had refunded your money, why didnt you just go pay for the toy and if you got double charged because of a mistake in the refund, deal with it after the rush and stress of the holidays was over..

and be glad to have it delivered at all. what did you think, a mistake gave you the privelege of a free ride for the entire thing? because you know how to go hysterical in a store and blame it on a three year olds needs? wow..

i am glad i wasnt working that day, there... supply and demand and mistakes and misapplied promises of timeframes.. next year when the kids tell absolutely everyone what they want for christmas, which they probably did long before the last week of christmas, maybe you should plan better.. if they didnt decide they wanted that exact thing until the last week of christmas,, then a three year olds whim aint that important anyway is it...


hate to see that kid as a demanding perfection type of teenager.... good luck then

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