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I dont beleive that Pizza Hut should be able to have false advertising. The T.V.

add states they have ANY Large Pizza for $10.00. I have tried to order that special twice & the Pizza Hut in Ashflat Arkansas, says that they are not included in that special. Why are they allowed to advertise that if it is not true! At first I was told it was only available in Tenn.

& Mississippi, then my sister bought one today in Mt.Home Arkansas. I called Ashflat again, & was told it was not a deal in their store.

Thank you for your time,

Vickie Ray

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Walmart in Oakwood, GA. Went 6?30 in the morning.

One checkout open, person in front of me wrote a check and there was a glitch. Cashier left and didn't say if or when she would be back. Tried to use the self-checkouts, didn't open until 7:00. Asked for someone to check me out, and they wouldn't.

Left items on the floor. Their loss.


arkansas, enough said.


Pizza Hut and Walmart are not the same company, js.

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