Brookhaven, Pennsylvania
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Store in Eddystone Pa....Took well over 3 hours to get an oil change and 4 tires..I live with my son-in law who had made arrangements the night before (12/13) to get tires.I took the car over on the 14th..My son-in-laws mother met me there,because she was paying for the tires and oil change.She was paying by check..I understood we wouldn't have a final amt, until the work was done..She wasn't going to wait,since she has Parkinson's,walks with a cane and didn't feel well..The older gentleman who was cashiering,checked her licence had her write her DL # and phone # on check..He OK'd her to leave it with me to fill in the amt.... After all this wait one of the worker's from the Bay,was on the register, he gave me such a hard time ..It was break time,so the older gentleman wasn't there,,,When he showed up,he explained everything about the check...A mgr and who knows who the other man was had such a hard time understanding anything..He even had my grandaughter call her other mom-mom to have her come back to the store...They finally,after much ranting and raving on my part put the check thru..I can't begin to tell you how ticked off I was,standing there for at least a half hour,battling with these people..After it had initially been ok'd......The person who put the tires on the car came up to clock out for his break,and commented to another one doing the same thing....he wouldn't be late clocking out if it weren't for having to *** and put on 4 tires..Isn't this what he gets paid to do?I have never had an experience like this in 72 years on this earth...This store is generally going down hill....the service is not as it use to be....The employees are very uninterested in the customer...To say I am pi--ed of is putting it mildly....My Name is Bridget VanVladricken.....The car is in my name....Jeremy Jarek went to the store the night to see what type of tires to get,and the work order was put in his name...His mom,was paying the charges..Her Name is Pauline Jarek...If you want to reply to me my E-Mail is'm so annoyed with this store,I may just go to another one from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Customer service.

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ira needles walmart, rude staff if you can find staff, there is not staff, they dont answer the phone, you cant find any one to ask, assistant managers are why thanks for coming in thanks for your call, not interested in listening to you, too many price issues item being scanned wrong and being told it must be your fault could not be theres Ti the manager are you listening condensending arrogants who pays your salary ti


Your own fault for going to Wal-Mart for auto service.


There is something really odd about your complaint. Why would your son-in-law's mother be paying for your tires?

Also you entire complaint makes it sound like you are extremely long winded, and maybe full of "hot air." You can't seem to understand that employees do get breaks and sometimes they do work past their assigned break time like they did for you. You also can't seem to understand that it would be confusing to the replacement employee about how the tires were being paid for.

A woman with a chronic illness and wasn't feeling well had to pay for your tires. SHAME!!!