Poteau, Oklahoma
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I bought a pair of flip flops last week, needed to exchange them for a size bigger. I did not want money back, just a bigger size.

I was told I needed my Drivers License to make this exchange.

I do not carry my drivers license with me, it stays in my vehicle where it belongs. It is not a Walmart ID. I will shop locally in the future. Walmart is getting to be nothing but inconvenient, and *** poor service.

They treat their customers as bad as they treat their employees. I will not be forced to bring my Drivers License into Walmart, I have already quit writting checks in that store for the same reason, now it is getting where you can't do anything in that store without a Drivers License. Do you idiots not realize when you have 200.00 worth of groceries rang up, you write a check, then gets asked for your Drivers License that is 2 blocks away in your car??? Sure I will go get it..And not come back for my groceries.

have fun stocking them back on the shelf.

If I need to have an ID to get service in your store, then issue me one at your expense, that will have to be with me while in your store. Better yet, I would rather just shop somewhere else, and get rid of the Walmart Head games..

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I'm sure you won't read this since you posted it awhile ago, but I have teenagers stealing makeup and then returning them without a receipt several times a week and we need to get licesne numbers so people quit stealing merchandise. You should be mad at the people that force Walmart to even consider this policy. If it were your assets on the line you would understand.


Next time have your receipt or maybe do what everybody else does TRY the flip flops on first how hard is that? and its customers like you that hold the lines up wanting to complain!


That is so *** I have no response !!!!!


Keep your receipts and you wouldn't have this problem.


Is it really that hard to carry your ID along with your checkbook? God forbid the walmart employees do there jobs for your own added security.


NOT TRUE JOSH..In some states Carrying ID is not required (Such as in Va) if you are not driving and law enforcement legally CANNOT demand that you show it if you are not driving.


Since when doesn't everyone know that ID is required to write a check?



I really do worry about the world. So...

you're using a form of payment which is easy to steal and can be used by anyone who can spell (Not always required) and you're made because Walmart is making your security important and asks you for ID?

You're one of those people who park in the fire lane then complain when you get a ticket. What a jack#*@


You are going to have a very difficult time shopping, ID is now required for all exchanges, and credit card purchases.

The problem is that there is a lot of people out there making fraudulent returns, although you may very well be honest in your returns, there are not just a few but MANY bad apples who have spoiled the honour system for all of us.


Let me get this straight... you are mad cause they asked for a id...guaranteed that you didnt have a reciept so thats why they asked.

As for the checks every place asks for id because theyre easily stolen. Btw your id is supposed to be on you at all times not in your car.

*** customers make the world go round. Dips*&@