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i went into my local walmart store in federal way wa.on 08/11/2014 me and my wife .my wife was shopping and i was there talking to her about my day.she pick up some iteams and also a pack of wine cooler.as she went to the self service,she scan the wine cooler ,the customer service rep came over and ask for her ID,with was ok.after looking at her's with she is 48years old.the young lady turn to me and ask for my ID.i told her that i didn't mine on me.i ask her why are you asking me for my ID i am not the one that is drinking the wine cooler or even shopping at this time,she turn to me and said if you don't have any ID your wife can't get the wine cooler to buy today.i couldn't believe what she was saying to me.i thought this was a joke.i said to her what if i leave the store and let her finish her shopping she said i can't sell it to her because you both was her shopping together.i ask for her superviser .she call the superviser to come over.the service rep.told the superviser what was going on .the superviser turn to me and my wife and said i can't sell you the wine cooler if both of you don't have a ID.i am 41 years old..i shop at this store all the time and i buy wine cooler all the time and show my ID.i shop there with my nine year old daughter and they never ask me for my daughter ID.i shop there with my wife also before and they never ask both of us for ID.i shop at different places me and my wife and never been ask from both of us for ID. this is just crazy to me.why both party as to show ID,when its just one person is shopping and is drinking the wine cooler.and if that was store policy that should be stated from the start.and its not posted anywhere in the store .

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I totally believe your problem but I know WalMarts rules. I am a cashier and hate to be in the position of denying someone who appears to be legal age, but this is Walmarts policy and we have no choice but to obey their rules.


Have you heard of 3erd party sales where someone buys for someone under 21 Walmart IDs. Anyone that does not look 40


Rules change. Deal with it like an adult.


Were you drinking when you posted this, with terrible spelling from a 48 year old you obviously were. Anyone who would want someone to break the rules and risk losing their job just to get wine obviously has a drinking problem.


Even liquor stores have a rule that everyone in the purchasing party must have ID to show they are over 21 whether they are buying the alcohol or not.


I don't for a minute believe the part of your story that you have bought any type of liquor at that store and been with other people and you were the only one that had to show their ID. Different stores have different rules, and when they ask for every bodies ID it is to make sure all their bases are covered.

I think there is more to this story than you are telling. If you didn't have your ID with you and you and your wife were both severely injured in an accident there wouldn't have been no way for the EMTs to identify you and therefore it would take longer to notify other family members.

My adult mentally handicapped daughter had a really bad habit if she was only going to walk one block, of not sticking her ID in her pocket, but after a lot of work on my part she now takes it with her no matter where she goes. It is just plain common sense to have it with you anytime you leave home.