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I am a disabled veteran of the Vietnam Era. On 09/26/2020 I shopped store #06178 and decided to buy two Colorado lottery after making my purchases.

Upon approaching the customer service office the Walmart associate was assisting a customer. Therefore, I complied with the CDC guidelines and maintained the required six feet. After the associate completed the transaction I moved forward and specially stated clearly that "I wanted to purchase two lottery tickets without the play." Instead of rendering the request the associate chose selectively to completely ignore my request. Instead of rendering the request she PLUS to the tickets which added an additional two dollars.

I informed her that I had only asked for the regular lotto and not the PLUS. The individual became defensive and aggressive argumentatively. To deescalate the issue I decided to pay for the mistake and purchase the tickets. During the transactions there were two individuals that chose not to comply with CDC six feet space.

I asked them to back off me and the associate decided to intervene and told me "you can't talk to them that way"! She stated "GET THE *** OUT." Upon leaving the counter I immediately asked for the store manager whom was not available. The issues was brought to the attention of the front end head clerk and a Aurora Police Office. There are a systematic problem with selective Hispanic females that are employed at that location as being authoritarian and lacking grossly customer service skills.

It is expected that associates that are hired reflects the goal and values of Walmart. This type of action are totally unaccepted to the general public.

This individual should be terminated after completing an investigation. w


Location: Aurora, Colorado

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Well, the way I see it this incident was not your fault. Your parents obviously did not teach you manners so you do not know any better.

You are a shame to all veterans. Not all of them are as arrogant as you are. The fact that you want her terminated shows how sick you are. You were in the wrong for being rude to the other customers.

If anything needs to happen it is that the security tape needs to be shown to your mother so that she can give you a good spanking and make you apologize to everyone whom you were rude to because you think you are better than everyone else. When you mistreat other customers you deserve to be kicked out of the store. She was not doing anything wrong, you were. You are an embarrassment to all veterans and you need an dishonorable discharge for your disgusting behavior to other customers and the cashier.

You bring shame on all veterans because of your behavior. Most likely because your parents did not teach you manners or how to respect others.


Your credibility took a nose dive the second you decided to pad out your complaint with irrelevant facts that have nothing to do with the situation. Your age and vet status mean nothing here but great try at pulling two loser cards at the same time.

Loser cards include Age, Disability, Gender, Race, Vet, and the ever trending virus card. I'm guessing based on your cards, you're losing relevance by the minute, love to lash out at the "help" and should just stay home and out of the world's way...


It is obvious that he is just posting that to brag about himself and make himself seem like a better person. His response to you is just disgusting.

Also where is this "cyber bullying" If anyone is cyber bullying it is him. He needs a distortable discharge.

With his arrogant attitude he is making veterans look bad. Not all veterans think that because they risked their lives they have a right to treat other like crap.


Since you want the employee terminated after an investigation is done, you need to contact Walmart’s corporate headquarters.

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