The associate and management work their butts off to make shopping for us the best experience possible. But to deal with *** customers that stay talking trash about customers and Walmart and complain about the littlest things to a manager can really frustrate the employees.

Just, think if an employee comes up to your job and act the same way we do. They have a family just like we do and work just like we do.

So y'all all need to take the consideration and move on with y'all lives just like they do. To the employees, I love you all and I understand your pain and frustration and know what type of people you have to deal with every single day away from your family even on holidays to serve us,


From an appreciable customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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adjective: appreciable

large or important enough to be noticed.

"tea and coffee both contain appreciable amounts of caffeine" synonyms: considerable, substantial, significant, sizable, goodly, fair, reasonable, marked; perceptible, noticeable, visible, discernible, palpable; "there is an appreciable amount of sugar in the lemonade"


I have to agree with you, I saw a mother switching price tags in front of her child, and claiming she saw an item for a cheaper price, she kept arguing that it was cheaper and when they needed proof the child said there was proof because the child claimed she saw the mother switch the price tags herself. Well the child was not causing trouble for the mother, she was trying to help but the mother then took her anger out on the child (physically) and I called the police on her, they let her have it cheaper even though the child confirmed the mother switched the tag.

I have no problem with physical discipline, but this was not a simple spanking or smack, this was ridiculing the child outside the parking lot, punching the child, ect. Threatening to abandon the child, calling the child unworthy. Like I said I have no problem with using physical discipline, but using physical discipline because a child did not lie.

Another poster on another review to a buffet restaurant claimed to hit her child because the child was honest and told her she was five years old. The mother said she was three to save money, the mother hit the child because she had to spend $2 extra.

First Born Triplet

We had a child do that as well in my area, accidentally rat the mother out when she was scamming the store and the mother also abused the child.


It is partly their fault for having these customers. Instead of asking them to leave the store because they cause a scene for not changing the rules because they have no receipt, or their receipt is over 90 days they give in to please them.

It is kind of like giving in to a toddler's temper tantrum when they want candy. Most customers are pleasant but there are a few that expect the rules changed just for them and that happens, so next time they try to abide by the rules, their excuse is you did it last time.

Banning them is not going to hurt them, nor is calling security or the police to escort them out of the store going to hurt. Losing them won't make them broke, besides they probably will be back anyways.