Raleigh, North Carolina

My plan was to design a poster and print it at Walmart, the only place in my area that offered same day printing. First I went to their website.

It was not very clear how to design the poster so I used their "ask for help feature." The person was gave short answers and was standoffish. I ended up just trying to figure it out myself. The website crashed halfway through and deleted all of my work. It just gets worse, though.

Later that day, I received a text saying the poster was ready so I went to the Walmart. Everything was very disorganized and I basically had to charge through the return line to get to the photo pick up center. Once there, there was a button that said, "press for assistance," so I pressed it and waited. And waited.

After about 10 minutes, I asked one of the people running back and forth behind the counter and they just kind of shrugged. I asked another employee who said the photo person was helping another customer. I had been here 15 minutes and there were no other people around. At this point, there was about 6 people in line behind me and we were all confused and frustrated.

Someone eventually told us that the cash register at the photo center was down so we need to go wait in the return line instead. We complained, but they said it was the only way we could get our pictures. The return line was very long and took about another 15 minutes to get through. When I was finally at the front, I was told that the photo machine was down so I would have to come back tomorrow.

Couldn't they have told me that 30 minutes ago instead of making me wait in two lines? For that matter, couldn't they just have not sent the text saying my order was ready in the first place?

I went back the next day and was subjected to the same general story. No one seemed to know if the machines was working or what was going on in general.

I became completely unhinged over the surreal incompetence and sheer apathy of those with whom I interacted. After another 30 minutes wasted in the Walmart, I ended up with a refund and no poster.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Pros: Prices.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Long waits.

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Just steal a poster off the shelf from them. fair is fair.


Also next time have mommy call the store before she takes you there, have her ask if the machines are working.


Is that what you do Kevin? Have your mommy call stores for you?

I bet you also have her read the letters here at Pissed Consumer to you. I bet she also has to explain what the "big words" mean.


How old are you six? If they were helping another customer you have to wait your turn, the world does not revolve around you you know.


You need a calm companion who can deal with real life and get you what you need. Clearly real life is not for you.