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Purchased two drones from walmart and bought the protection plan through asurion. Wata joke!

Both drones crashed and wouldnt fly, they always do. Thats why i bought protection plan. First i registered online, then i registered through text message, finally, i registered over the phone with asurions crack team. Next, following their instructions, i uploaded a picture of my reciept to their website, to ensure that it wouldnt get lost.

All of this seems overbearing, right? WRONG. When i went to file a claim,they said good news, you can return these drones to walmart because it was less than 90 days. I emailed them back and explained, walmart wont accept these returns due to crashes.

Surprise, stop wasting my time. Then, they said i didnt register. After 10 phone calls to asurion, they finally got the message, i wasnt just going to go away. After they magically found my registration, then they couldnt bring up the pic of my reciept.

I still had the original. So after about 15 calls and talking to half stateside and half phillipines, i finally got to submit my claim for both choppers to be replaced. Ooops they forgot to mail out the shipping label! The magic art of bureuacracy strikes again.

Then i moved and updated the post office and walmart careplan. They still wouldnt mail out the shipping label. The post office found it and sent it to me. I finally shipped both drones back.

They said it would be 24 hours from the time that label was scanned until i got my refund back for both helicopters. That was five days ago. I got a wooden nickel says, if i get my refund at all, it will be for one helicopter, and ill have to complete the entire process again.

Wow no pay, pulling out all the stops nice try assurion.. WALMART CAREPLAN IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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