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Purchased Vizio 70' TV about a year ago. Screen started to get dark so I called the product care company Asurion who sent out a local repair company who serviced my TV.

After having it for 17 days they finally returned it and a week later the entire screen is out. Called Asurion back and they said they would send out the same company to service the TV again. They can come look at it in 6 days.

This is all some BS. Just replace my $1000 one year old TV..

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Yet another consumer that has failed to read and understand the warranty they purchased. These warranties cover the repair of the product, not replacement (some will replace the product after 3 repairs for the same defect).

They are doing exactly what they said they would do.

The second failure may or may not be related to the first. In any event, they are providing the service you purchased.

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