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Part 1 - Jumping through Walmart's Customer service 3 hoop circus.

About 2 weeks ago I bought a set of tires from Walmart Online with the Site to Store purchasing option. I receive the email that my tires are ready for pickup. I follow the email instructions and print the email off and take it to the automotive desk. The person at the counter takes the paperwork that I printed per Walmart's instructions and looks at it curiously, like he had never seen anything like it. I point out the purchase number and so he darts out into the garage to see if the tires are available. He comes back inside a little peeved that the wrong tires were shipped, but he has the tires I need "in stock". I say "Great". But my exuberance was premature. He can't sell me those tires by crediting my "site to store" purchase order, because that would somehow screw up "inventory". I'm getting the feeling that this guy thinks I'm a big hassle and I feel like reminding him that it wasn't me that shipped him the wrong tires. So he thinks of a solution:

"Take your email paper there and go to customer service and get a refund, then come back and buy the "in stock" tires with your refund.

Ok, no problem, I think to myself, and head off to the opposite side of Walmart to customer service. I stand in line at customer service a good 15 minutes and get to the representative. I explain the situation to her and show her my email with the instructions from and the purchase order with barcode.

"No! Can't do this.. you gotta take this back to "Site to Store" and have them take care of this for you. I can't do nothin for you without a receipt."

I tell her, "But Automotive sent me to you".

She says "Well I'm sending you to 'site to store'."

Feeling a little Hot at this point I sarcastically point out that:

"Basically what you are telling me is that due to Walmart's screw up - the onus is now on me to do my own customer service, when I could have swore I just walked under a big sign that says 'customer service'!

So I take the email purchase agreement / instructions and head back to "Site to Store". Site to Store tells me that:

"You got to go get those tires from Automotive and Bring them back here, then we can give you a refund".

I say - "Those tires are really heavy, and they aren't the right tires to begin with".

So the 'site to store' guy says that we need to go and talk to "customer service".

Part 2 - Customer service and Site to Store put their heads together:

Long story Short.. they discussed and argued and manipulated the computer for about a half hour trying to figure out how to refund my money for the wrong tires shipped so I could then go back to automotive to buy the identical tires they have available as in store stock. Ultimately their solution is to Refund my online purchase into a Walmart Giftcard. So Gift card in hand I head back to automotive and get a look from the 1st guy I dealt with "Oh you again". So he shunts me off to another mechanic who checks me in..

This mechanic enters my personal info into his handheld and heads off to a car in the garage and begins to take information from this already hoisted car. The mechanic looks at me puzzled and says -

"this vehicle doesn't match the information in our database".

I tell the mechanic "That isn't my car".

It was a light hearted moment that relieved a little bit of my Walmart experience funk I had found myself in.

They go grab my truck in the parking lot and then go to work on installing the tires and after about 45 minutes I'm ready to check out and pay.

Part 3 - The Gift Card wasn't enough.

Gift card in hand - I'm ready to check out. Unfortunately the gift card only covered about 90 percent of the purchasing cost of the tires - it didn't include "balancing", "Valve stems", "Tire disposal", and a couple of other fees that my email instructions didn't tell me about. This information is on a different page under the "Tire and Automotive" part of the web site. Not anticipating these added fees I came up short with the money to pay for my tires. The 2 automotive department employees I had been dealing with sort of hem and haw at me and make me feel like a real dolt. So I suggest to them - taking my license while I go to an ATM to get the money. At this point the automotive department was closing in about 15 minutes. I try to hurry to an ATM.

I won't go into Part 4 - trying to explain to customer service that the now closed automotive department has my license and I need to give them 14 dollars in order to get it back.. that is an entirely different nightmare.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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i would email this straight to walmart corporate. even if he was trying to save money that was the whole point of walmart.and the problem was that walmart shipped the wrong tires.

he bought the tires ahead of time via online, so its like putting in a take out order for a restaurant if the restaurant messed it the order whose fault would it be? definitely not the customers.

and you stayed calm and continued to play their shenanigans. id take this straight to the store.


Why didn't you just go to the store and buy the tires in the first place. The on-line portion of most companies is different from the bricks and mortar stores.

Yes they can ship an order to the store but if you have a problem with the order you need to go back to the on-line customer service for help. If you plan on picking up an item stocked at a store just buy it in the store and save the extra step of buying it on-line. You will make life easier for everyone involved. My bet is you bought on-line because you thought the price was lower.

And it was, you didn't pay for everything the store quoted to install your tires, you just paid for the tires. Don't blame Walmart because you didn't understand what you were buying.


Ordering items online from IS STILL ORDERING FROM WALMART. Since the wrong tires were sent, it is THE FAULT OF WALMART.

Who else would be to blame? Oh, right..the customer is at fault for buying anything, at WALMART.

By the way, ???...if you read the website it says if you order tires from WALMART the installation is free. I think someone needs to read it again.