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When I heard that they were building a Walmart in my area, I thought it would be a positive thing. Boy, was I wrong!

Walmart told everyone that it believed in American made items.I saw through that *** and knew that most of their merchandise came from overseas. That means that they sold out the American people and that stinks. All Americans should have the right to buy American made items, yet the giant stores, like Walmart don't care about that. They only care about one thing, making a huge profit at someone else's expense.

Because they buy everything overseas, it takes all of the jobs out of the U.S. and in turn, necessities of life that belong to our people, not every other nation.

Stop shopping at Walmart for low prices, buying junk from rogue countries that continue to get rich at our expense. Be an American and buy American made merchandise!

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I always shop after Christmas sales for the next Christmas. Saves me money.


My Family and I quit shopping at walmart this past christmas. After, I bought my husband a massage chair for christmas.

It worked one day and tore up, I paid 38.00 dollars for this piece of *** and after christmas they mark it down to 19.00, that is how bad walmart is ripping off the american People. And, As a result I quit shopping at walmart.

I'd love to not buy all that Chinese *** and support jobs with better income and workplace standards in America, but I realize I really can't find anywhere that actually sells American made goods anymore. And even if they were made in America...there are shady labor practices here, too. :sigh

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