Moreno Valley, California

I just finished leaving my local Walmart store and I must say,I have NEVER had such a HORRIBLE experience at ANY store.I am absolutely horrified at the type of people Walmart chooses to place in Managerial and Supervatory positions.Walmart WAS,until today, my"GO TO"store for ALL of my shopping needs.I proceeded to make my way to the Christmas section first,and then went on to the Clearance section. I came across AN ENTIRE BOX of Christmas floral decorations.THEY WERE IN THE CLEARANCE SECTION AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SHELF WITH NOT ONE, BUT TWO SMALL CLEARANCE RED TAGS THAT READ $6.50.

I automatically added 3 to my shopping basket. Finally I headed to the registers for check out. I was attended by a very nice cashier, whose name i did not catch (Store# 3623, OP#00001879). As she rang up my items, I noticed the Christmas floral arrangements rang up at $10.00 instead of the PRICE POSTED of $6.50 that was at the bottom of the ENTIRE BOX of arrangements, which I will add again, WAS IN THE CLEARANCE SECTION.I let the cashier know that these items were priced differently in the aisle.So, our cashier made her way to another employee, or maybe a supervisor that was in the customer service area, by the name of Norma.

Norma sent another employee ,that was in the customer service area as well, to verify the price. But, first asked us where we had gotten the items from. We told them they were in the clearance area.My husband accompanied the employee to make sure he showed her exactly where the the items were located. Our cashier proceeded to ring up the rest of our items.Finally the employee came back to the front with my husband and the RED TAGS ON HAND.

By this time Norma was standing next to my mom and I.As the employee approached her she let her know that INDEED the items WERE in the clearance section WITH the RED tags that read $6.50. Norma, then called out to another supervisor by the name of Rosalinda and explained the situation to her. Rosalinda then approached us saying that the tag did not pertain to those specific items. I then proceeded to tell her that the price should be honored due to incorrect signage.She immediately said that she could only give me ONE at that price.

I had 3 on hand. I thought that was entirely unfair so I pointed out that used to be a manager at a local retail store and that due to incorrect signage prices HAD TO BE HONORED. Her response to me was "I am NOT DUMB. I know people move things on purpose.I can check the cameras right now." By this time she had RAISED HER VOICE AT US.

She was implying we had moved the items out of place. I had had it with the disrespect at this point, so I raised my voice as well and told he "Well then lets go see, show me." She then said she couldnt show us any video because it was private. I told her i was going to call and file a complaint and she said "That's fine, theyre going to tell you the same thing".

I HAD NEVER had ANY employee show such disrespect.I am truly apalled at the behavior I received from management at my local walmart today. I will definitely not be returning to this store EVER.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Why do you people cry about the quality of employees walmart hires? You pay for what you get. What do you want cheap prices and good services?


Wal-Mart is your "GO TO" store? Where do you live ... Tamaleme, FL???


Do you realize how many people have items in their cart, then go to the clearance section and see something they want instead, so they put the original items on the clearance shelf because they are too lazy to put them back where they got them? It happens ALL THE TIME.

Walmart is in no way obligated to honor the price. I'm surprised you didn't know that with your extensive retail background. If that were indeed the case, I would put a 60' TV in the clearance section and demand they sell it to me for $2.

In summary, the store absolutely does not have to sell you the item at the clearance price if those items weren't supposed to be there in the first place. You were lucky she offered you any kind of discount. You sound like the kind of customer the store will be glad to be rid of anyway so it's a win-win.