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I was at Wal-mart 0605 today...they were working with a "short staff" because of Hurricane Dorian, but there were dozens of employees walking around doing nothing. One cashier was working, and self-service check-put was also working.

I was in a line of some 10-12 customers at the register with the cashier. The store manager cam by and said "YWe can take care of you at self-checkout." I said, "This line should tell you that your customers don't want self-checkout." She informed me that she would help me at checkout at the self checkout, but I told her that I want to be checked out at a regular checkout because self checkouts cost people there jobs. She told me that I would go to self checkout or leave the store. I told her that I would do neither, I would wait in line for the cashier.

She then called to police officer who was working in the store and he told me to leave the store or be arrested for criminal trespass.

She actually threatened to have me arrested for simply asking her to open another register. I made no scene, no threats, and the other customers were agreeing with me.

Walmart Cons: Problem did not get resolved.

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What Really happened to cause a cop to tell you to leave the Walmart location you were at?


Now tell us what rou REALLY did and said.


I would have went to self check out. Why else would she call the police if you weren’t making a scene? Sounds like we are missing pieces of the story


I totally agree. There would be no reason for a police officer to ask someone to leave if they were acting in a civil manner.


I agree to. both the manager and cop were wrong.

it is the customers option whether if they want to be checked out by a cashier or do self check out and manager had no right to order this person to leave and no reason for the arrest. their job is to serve customers not harass them.


Wrong, the cop was following law that says that you must leave private property when told to do so. Now, the manager might have been wrong to ask you to leave, but within private property rights.