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Just left the Wal-mart in Dumfries, VA at 17041 Jefferson Davis Highway. Previously, bought home odd ends there as well as groceries for the convenient location. Now I will go out of my way to take business down the street. Why ?

Because the eye glass department is unable to keep track of who is next in the department for service. It is a wild west without even a paper "next" number system nor is the clerk capable to keep track of the customer arrival order. The staff has to ask "who is next" and rely upon the honesty of the customers rather than know for themselves.

I refuse to be the victim of lies by customers as to order nor be talked over or down to when seeking the involvement of management. I realize I will not bankrupt Wal-Mart but I will have the satisfaction of taking my money to a more appreciative business. If you are unable to watch persons/customers to know their arrival and who is next, then you are unable to watch for shrinkage and pilferage as well. So merchandise and customers are walking out of the store or optometry department.

Customer service and my service observations as well as complaints are important enough to PF chang's, Nordstrom's and Morton's to warrant a discount for an offense or oversight but the management of this Wal-Mart did not seem particularly interested to make me a satisfied consumer. Fair Warning to other shoppers at Wal-Mart !!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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aww, poor thing!


You pathetic piece of ***. How is the optical person supposed to visually keep track if they are talking with customers and enter information into the computer.

WHAT THE FUСK IS WRONG WITH ASKING WHO IS NEXT? Are you such a horrible person that you are no longer entitled to use the "honor system"?


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Waa Waa! The stores dont need freebie seekers like you!

They are in business to make money and not worry about the crybaby charity seekers!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry