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Visited Walart @ Edley in woodbridge, ontario. While shopping I found a vanity plate (crome w/FORD) in the auto department.

I approached the 1-8 items cashiers, and she scan the plate and stated it was about $19.00. I informed her that the plate was on the shelf, with a price of $9.28. So she closed her station, and we both walked through the store, for about 20 minutes, round trip. She confirmed that another ford plate and Dodge plate were in the same spot to the store manager, and pulled off the price from the shelf.

I forgot to mention that it took about another 20 minutes to find a manager. The manger simply stated, the price is $19.00 if you want it. Nothing that the night staff may have miss priced it, when restocking shelves at night. So after having no luck of any compensation, or a sorry we priced it incorrectly, or selling it to me at the stated price, I left the store.

My final comment to the manager was that Marketplace had it right on TV, when they stated Walmart has one of the worst customer service records, and that the time that I wasted standing there, my time at work was worth more than the price of the product. I filled a formal complaint with head office, and have yet to receive any call backs. Later, while at my doctors office, I happen to pick up Cunsumer Report Magazine dated July/2011.

The 3 page article stated that Walmart has failed in all it's departments, for customer service. What a surprise!!!!!!!!Just remember that companies grow one customer at a time, and loss one customer at the same rate....The lowest price is the law - not at this store in Woodbridge,ONT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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It's only $10. And Ford sucks.


like I said, they're a cheap annoying ***


I'd say they did pretty well with their customer service in your case. They spent 40+ minutes attending to your complaint!


The worst part is he said because the cameras picked me up moving the plate to the cheaper place that I cannot have it for the lesser price. He said that that was fraud and told me to leave the store or he would call the police. I work in Toronto, I live in Owen Sound and I will not be going to either Walmart.


You had no intention of buying the plate until you saw it. I'm sorry that your life is ruined for all eternity because you decided that $10 is worth 40 minutes of your time.

Besides, as Queen of England, you should have ordered that the manager and the night stocker be beheaded.


so.. basically what I'm getting from this story is that you're a cheap annoying ***