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It had been awhile since I'd shopped at Walmart, so I was excited to hear about one opening in my neighborhood. That excitement was short lived when only (three) maybe (four) of the 12-15 check-out stations were made available to about fifty customers who all(including myself) seem to have shopping carts filled to capacity.

I convince myself it was just a bad day for the store, so I went back a week later. The situation was even worse. It's crazy, but every Walmart I have shopped at seem to have this problem.

What's the darn deal? Look, I love the low prices, but, I'm done with Walmart and the checkout madness.

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Here's a tissue "IHateStupidCustomer" there is no reason for you to cry about someone else's complaint. It appears you have so much more time than anyone else beside LadyScot since you have as many ignorant comments as she does.

It is comical that you both are so bored with your own lonely lives that you both troll this website to attack and bash legitimate complaints.

@***ed ***sumer

I have seen numerous attacks by this IHateStupidCustomers. They are so childish.

Why don't they use their real names? I guess they are afraid


aww boo hoo. you like the low prices but aren't patient enough to wait in line. do you also want them to shine your shoes while they make the lines quicker for you?


Call 1-800-Walmart and let them know. Walmart has a serious probable with not having registers open that accommodate customers with 20 or more items.

They always have every register open for customers that are only buying a few items but those of us that are actually shopping filling up are baskets have to look for a register that we can check out through only to find that line is so long it is backing up in ladies wear. I have tired of waiting 15 minutes to check out and just left my basket full of groceries in the line. I don't understand why those of us that are buying 20 or more items don't get the same treatment as someone only buying 3 or 4.

It would take 20 customers to equal the 80 or more items I had in my basket. So I guess they won't miss me either...yeah right!


If you do not have the time to wait in line like everyone else then by all mean's please go shop some where else.I have been to other store's that has this same problem.But do i complain,No i wait my turn like a reasonable person should.I am so sure WALMART will not miss you,If you go else where to shop.What makes you feel like everyone should drop what they are doing to please you.You are a TOTAL ***.


Walmart hires ignorant low class people like LadyScot that like to use the heroin addict nikki sixx image as their avatar because it best represents her drug induced blabber.


Your comment is ignorant and low class. I worked there after retiring from the military and having a bachelor's degree.

I met a lot of hard working and decent associates while I worked there....none of them were in management by the way. In case you haven't noticed, there are not a lot of good paying jobs out there with stable working hours and at least the people who work there are doing something and not just sitting at home collecting welfare and food stamps like most of the customers are.

Try having some empathy for others instead of assuming people who work there are low class. I worked the register and can tell you that it isn't a picnic dealing with some of the attitudes that come through the line....


That is really funny. Anytime I have been in a WalMart and the lines get too long, they open other lanes.

No store can afford to have several lines open all the time, unless there is enough customers to make it worthwhile. I think you are exaggerating this for some reason, maybe because you don't like WalMart in general.