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Pharmacy technicians have been rude on several occasions.Technicians appear to use rudeness to over compensate for lack of skills to do their jobs.Computer programs Walmart uses has been blamed (by Technicians) on numerous billing errors.Employee's unable to bill insurance companies resulting in my having to go without medications.Techs.were given all information and more to make billing possible.Tech. claimed she was busy and then stated my insurance refused to pay and hung up on me,after collecting all my info.that is already in their computer system.This is a standing workmans Comp.claim that I have been filling at Medford,Oregon Walmart since they first opened years ago.Before they opened I was filling meds.

at their Crater Lake location.I have decided in order to get my medications filled in a professional and correct billing manor I will have to have all my meds.filled at another Pharmacy.Enough is enough ! This takes my one stop shopping to another company as well.

In my opinion Walmart can afford to require better training for Pharmacy Techs.I also think they should afford a computer system that can recognize more than one insurance company per customer,so billing is correctly executed.Lastly if Walmart valued their Pharmacy Techs.with the incentive of paying their Techs. a decent living wage,perhaps their employees would care about their job and not run off customers.I would appreciate you looking into this complaint in hopes the Walmart pharmacy (on Center st.

In Medford Oregon) can better serve it's customers in the future.Maybe I can return to my favorite one stop shopping store in the future.The rest of the store meets many of my needs.The Pharmacy has been a miserable disappointment however. Nancy Swanson

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Everytime something doesn't go the way a customer wants it to, they claim that the employee does not know how to do their job or their lack of higher pay means they don't care about their job or the customer. If the system is not accepting your insurance then there is nothing the employee can do about that.

Grow up!

Things happen. Maybe you should call your insurance company and tell them how to do their jobs since you think you know all there is to know about everything.