Sulphur, Oklahoma

I went to fill up my car at the Murphy gas at the Walmart in Sherman, TX. It was a busy evening.

I use my Walmart gift card, but this time the pump did not work correctly. I tried to cancel and move to another pump, which said that my card was "already in use". I went to get help from the attendant, who cussed me out and slammed her window iny face. She was completely disrespectful.

I don't deserve this attitude and unprofessional behavior. I will tell all my co-workers, and never ever ever go to this Walmart again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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My family and I have shopped for decades with walmart. Just recently I tried to return 3 TV antennas because they sucked and I did find one that worked from walmart.

Like really? Praise GOD! I tried to return these pieces of ***, that walmart backs as a great product because it sells them on their shelves! I didn't have the receipt because I trust what walmart has to sell.

Well, when I went to the returns desk, I had all 3 Antennas ready to finally get my money back for these lying products. The associate said we can't return all three without a receipt (I shop daily and I don't expect to buy *** that walmart will surely take my money but now it won't give me the time of day, even though I offered my driver's license and told them to look up my history because I have NONE!!!!!) Just give me a store credit you rude, uncaring, and treating me as if I was a criminal. To make a long story short, I have told my story to everyone I encounter.

I let them know the only thing they are safe buying without a hard time, is a gallon of milk. I will spread the word that it is not worth the hassle of shopping at walmart.


WALMART sucks they hire the LOW OF THE LOW and you expect them to act nice, kind, considerate, you expect them to be helpful it is all you. You expect way way to much from the BOTTOM OF THE BARREL next time expect to be treated poorly and you will not go home disappointed


I agree, something you are not telling, then again the person you dealt with could be suffering from PMS.


Hmm. Seems like there is something you're not telling!


HAHAHAHA you got punked.