Lexington, Kentucky
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i bought a battery for my boyfriend and had it a week, never used it. i t wasnt needed.

wasnt even put into the truck and they refused to give a refund because they sold me a bad battery which they didnt check before they sold it to me. this was the richnond road walk mart in lexington kentucky....if you are going to buy a battery then they should check it before it is sold...i was told i could get a refund if it wasnt right as long as i had my reciept.

then they refuse, absoloute garbage.

Monetary Loss: $63.

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Trevor and Jessica are wal-mart employees. Jason is a troll, and Danie is news to me.

However I am a kid and I am just posting to pass time. Also I think you had a few to many when you wrote this. THe moral of the story don't drink and type.

Also I think you had a few too many when you wrote that comment. If I wrote like you did I would get a C- and this is talking sixth grade assignments.

Also since fella called you a redneck you must be from Texas which would make it perfectly legal for you to date and marry your brother or even your father.


You know in Texas it is pretty legal to date and marry your brother.


First of all kids...the battery was for my boyfriend not my brother. I had a few drinks while writing this complaint.

i am 33 thank you. Not only was it xmas and dealing with shopping for two kids and a family stressful, but then to get jerked around by wal mart wasnt making things any easier!

yes as far as the comment saying wal mart takes everything back....i agree. Thats why i was livid when they refused. The excuse i got from wal mart was that the battery sitting on the garage floor drained it.

It was purchased on 12-17 and returned on 12-23. still brand new not dirty and not in any different shape then it was when i walked out of the store with it.

I think most of you sit here and find ways to pass your time. Or the alternative it your wal mart employees.

Your insults and ignorance do not affect me. I was just trying to warn others of what i went through.


Sorry, I'm with Danie.


Where did they say that this was her boyfriend. I read this complaint three times and I did not see anything about this being her brother.


that's what you get for shopping at walmart, ya inbred redneck.

another thing, how can he be your boyfriend if he's also your brother?


Judging from the way this letter is written you are probably too young to drive anyway. You need to be 16 to drive.

Why is your boyfriend dating a young nine year old child like yourself. That is illegal you know.


Sounds fishy to me... on your part that is.

Walmart takes virtually everything back under their insane and loose return policy. If you had a receipt and the battery was not used or was indeed defective, they would have taken it back.