i worked and shopped at Walmart and I cannot even begin to explain, to express, to describe and I cannot even put it into words bout how much evil is in Walmart. Walmart management are nothing but pre evil criminals themselves, they also even hire nothing but criminals in management, too.

U won't even believe what goes on in Walmart. Do u remember Walmart's motos> "Save money. Live better. Walmart" Always low prices, Always.

and Customers always comes first.? Well... The reality is this> "Save America. Get rid of Walmart.

Live better.

Always pure evil, Always. Customers always comes last.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So when did they fire you and why? You definitely have a grudge, and believe me if the right person reads this they can find out who you are and you could be in trouble for what you are saying the managers are.

You better be able to show definite proof of the accusations that you are making. While you think you are so SMART, are you aware that there isn't a word spelled "u?" What in heck word is "motos?" All the years that I have been shopping at WalMart I have never had trouble with customer service of any type.

I personally know people that have worked as cashiers at WalMart stores for 25 years and even after they retired, they never said a bad word about the store and continued shopping there. Do you honestly think these people would have worked there for so long and then after retirement never said a bad word about the store and continued shopping there, if they had been treated badly?


I was going to comment on spelling and grammar myself. Yeah this ex employee can get into a lot of trouble for posting untrue things.

We had one person falsely accusing her boss of sexually harassing young boys, it turned out to be false. However this was an ex Kohl's employee who made the false claims.


please stop it. this person dont work at walmart anymore so stop trying to harass and bully --using scare tactics to make them shut up.

your pathetic.

just proves the point of these ex employees. you bully them on the job trying to control their life and make suffer, now it appears you are following them on the internet.