Lewisville, Texas
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This place is pure ridiculous. Every *** aspect.

Incompetent people all across the board!!!!! They pay the workers little to nothing. Yet they're a billion dollar corporation. All the stores are holes in the walls.

And they do no training regarding customer service. Ridiculous place. It embarrasses me that such a wealthy company, has such poor morals. It makes no sense to me at all.

There are Wal-Mart's every where. Why are the stores so dirty? Why so they hire people that don't speak english, have no customer service, and look like convicts.

Its crazy how Sam's is owned by this same company. Mind blowing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I like to work in the fish department, and sell you diseased fish, knowing they are going home with you, and kill all your other ones you have. Tee! Hee!


don't forget *** on the walls in the bathfroom


I suggest before you go around complaining about anyone for bad English you look at your own. You have sentence fragments, English should begin with a capital.

It should be it's crazy how Sam's is owned by the same company or, It is crazy that Sam's is owned by the came company, not its crazy how Sam's is owned by the same company. You have misplaced commas, these things are taught in kindergarten when you are five years old.


They meant spoken English. English and grammar are not the same thing. You are an ***.


It does not matter, if they are so well educated as they make themselves to be than they should at least type better. These basic rules are taught at age five.


"English should begin with a capital"....... Please explain how that makes sense???

How dumb are you. You must be one of the idiots that works at that horrible place.


When you are in kindergarten you learn that proper nouns begin with a capital letter. Okay I forgot the word `letter`but if mommy read this to you she could have explained what I meant.

You are the dumb one if you do not know what I meant. Then again I should not call you dumb. You are only five years old. Only a five year old would ASSume that if someone is calling others out that they work for the company.

Now who is the dumb one. The only idiots here are people like you who ASSume that because someone does not side with the customer they work for the company.


I have to agree with KevinRichards, you are the dumba$$ if you don't know that he meant capital letter. Learn to read what is not there.

Even if he is one of these idiots that works at this place at least he does not live in his parents basement and or collect food stamps.


Thanks, but what is the use explaining this simple concept to a five year old. If he is not five as he seems he is no smarter than a fence.


Eye wee todd did. Eye sofa king wee todd did.


The top complaints about Walmart: long lines due to only a couple registers being open, poor, incompetent service and low employee wages/benefits have been around for as long as I can remember (since the 80's). Walmart recently announced over the next year or so, they will: raise wages, increase # of lane open, utilize secret shoppers and increase training.

WHY did they wait all this time to suddenly "care"? Because their profits have started dropping! In other words, as long as Walmart was making fat profits, they did not care about complaints/issues. But when profits started dropping, they said "OH *** we better do something"!

It's all about the $$$. An evil organization indeed!