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Today my wife was at our local Walmart and had a flat tire. She went to the tire and lube section to see if she could get a air tank to pump up the tire and was told that she would have to get the car to the center.

We bought the tires at that store less than six months ago along with the roadside hazard.The manager after 20 minutes failed to address my complaint. My money will be moving on.

I may be nobody to Walmart but we have spent mega bucks in this store alone. Oh well!

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Steubenville, Ohio, United States #581634


Walmart in Steubenville Ohio has by far the most rude employees I have ever had to deal with! I had received something from walmart.com i didn't like the item so I went to return it as I looked in the box I had noticed they didn't send me a receipt for one of the items so I called walmart.com and they told me I could simply take it to my nearest walmart and return it for in store credit, so I drove from my home in Richmond Ohio to Steubenville walmart only for the girl in the customer service area (with a horrible attitude) tell me that I could't return it at ALL! Even though I had shown her the proof of my purchase through an email on my phone! So as I continued to ask for a manager she ROLLED her eyes at me and walked away! Then the "manager" walked up (whom mind you didn't talk or look professional at all) and she continued with the bad attitude and told me I couldnt return it! These people were seriously treating me as if I had stolen the product or something and was trying to return it WHEN I HAD IT IN THE SHIPPING BOX STILL with my name shipping address and everything still on it!

I work in banking and travel a lot and I have been to several different walmart stores all over the counry and this, the one closest to home has the most horrible people working there I have ever had to deal with in my life! Where i work we thrive on making the customer happy always and everytime i walk out of Steubenville Ohio walmart i am just in a horrible mood only because of how their employees treat me!

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