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Lucilla (Sales Associate) in Dept of Automotive, at Walmar Texas 21, San Marcos, TX 78666, had unwelcome and ignorant attitude with customer. Customer Service Manager did not handle the complaint seriously.

I came to get an oil change at 4:24pm Job Order 485700 38553. A staff total me it would take about 45 minutes to complete and gave me a tag to check status of oil change while shopping inside Walmart.

30 minutes later, I came back to ask Lucilla where I can scan to check the status. Instead of answering my question or saying that she can offer some help, she demanded my name. So, I total her my name and expected a feedback, but instead of giving feedback, she ignored and kept looking at the something on the computer screen.

I saw here holding and a bag with my key and order documents, so I figured it's done, so I asked her "Is it completed". She again, intentionally ignored my question and kept looking at the computer screen. I waited a bit and reminder "excuse me". Then, she said in a dry tone, "done". It confirms that she heard me the first time, but wanted to ignore it.

Even throughout the payment process, she acted that I was begging for a service and that she can be careless about my payment.

I called back (512) 353-0617 at 6:00pm on the same day and requested to talk to the Customer Service Manager. I had to call a few times to get through the line because no one answered the phone.

I finally got to talk to a person identified herself "Customer Service Manager", but I feel that the complaint was not taken seriously.

1. She, the so called "Customer Service Manager", tried to hide her name by speaking so fast and jumping right to the matter when I insisted to know her name. So, I could not know her name. But when it came to discussing about the matter, she seemed not interested or serious.

2. I asked how it can be followed up. She simply said "we hear you and we take it from here". Which means I have no assurance that the matter will be discussed for improvement.

3. I offered my phone number for communications and clarifications, should Walmart needed to confirm with me any details of the incident. She said "We don't usually call back, so we don't need your number".

4. There was no complaint number or any means of documentation of the incident after the long discussion. I felt like my efforts and complaint had just been washed down the sewage.

Also, while shopping inside, when we (I and my family) asked for help to find some items, employees didn't seem to know anything. So, we ended up having to browse the entire big store by ourselves to find stuff, with no help from the staff, even we desperately needed help.

It's our first time shopping at this location, and we feel unwelcome very strongly and a serious lack of respect for the customers, from front-line employees to manager. If there are other places provide same services, we would incline to go there instead of facing this kind of bad service again in the future.

The service here poses us the worst management and service we have seen. Totally disappointed.

Any question, please feel free to contact me; Torrance at (512) 998-0275 or

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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Sounds to me like when she was lookin at the computer screen, she was looking up your information. You are a child and your complaint is invalid.


What I got from your complaint was: your service was finished 15 minutes early but you had to find something to complain about.


With your spelling and childish attitude I wonder if you are even old enough to drive? Learn to be patient and let her do her job.


If you speak the way some of your spelling is, maybe they couldn't understand you. You don't know that the employee wasn't doing something on the computer to find your name or number.

I hope you are aware that there are some days when computers are incredibly slow.

I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill.