Glendale, Arizona

Left without a bag in the turn-around thing at the register. Maybe if the cashier opened her eyes and checked to see if she completed her job before leaving the register immediately...

Called to see if bag was found, was turned in by another customer. was told if I came back I could pick it up. came back, the return's staff told me I had to find the items again and gave me a sticky note with the UPC's (really? want me to do your job?) found the items. could only get one one item returned to me because the UPC did not match exactly as what was hand written down by another employee.

I told her this must be a mistake because I looked for that exact UPC and it did not exist. cashier gave me a black stare and shrugged. (as if she had no idea what to do). I left with only one item.....

I suspect she must be covering for either herself or another employee who decided steal the item.

I cant understand why else she would give me such a BS run-around. Anyway, not shopping there again....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I like how you blame the cashier for the mistake when you could have done the same. If you opened your eyes you would have seen that you left the bags behind.

Your accusing them of stealing items is also wrong.

You seem to have a lot of growing up to do. I know children that know how to turn the carousel and check that they leave with all the bags when shopping with parents.


After reading several of these reports where people left bags in the carousel at checkout, I timed how long it takes for you to check yourself to make sure you have everything.

It took just under 5 seconds! If I were incapable of managing to do that, I would be embarrassed to admit it on an international forum.

It's really pretty easy folks.


P.S. I hate Walmart too.


Oh grow up, do not blame the cashier completely for your mistake. Maybe if you opened your eyes and checked to see that you got all the bags you would not have had this problem.

Perhaps taking mommy or daddy shopping with you to make sure you have everything would be helpful.

Your job is to make sure you leave with everything you come with. You won't be missed.


Ive worked as a cashier for walmart for almost a year and i will say that they didnt follow through like they were supposed to. If a bag of items is left or returned it is put behind customer service unless its something cold/perishes etc they cant put it back on the shelf so its tossed.

So they are supposed to get your reciept, determine items needed and give them back or allow you to walk out with new stuff. When i cashier everytime i hand a reciept to a customer and greet them off i spin the bag rack (taught myself out of habit) i never miss a thing:) i tell others to do the same


This is WalMart, remember? WalMart doesn't hire people with any particular ability to use common sense or have any ability to function in the real world. Best to shop elsewhere.


No offence but common sense on the OP's part would be double checking to make sure he has everything he left with. If he cannot do this perhaps he still should be shopping with a parent.

I understand forgetting items behind, but he can open his eyes and make sure he left with everything he bought.

If he cannot do that perhaps he needs to still shop with mommy. Most three year old's are not allowed to shop alone.


Everyone makes mistakes, the issue here is not taking any responsibility himself or herself for their mistake then falsely accusing the cashier of theft. Not a mature thing to do at all.