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On 7/4/19 I tried returning a sealed bottle of baby formula that my husband had purchased the night before, however he misplaced the receipt. We didn't want our money back we just wanted store credit to purchase the correct one and the manger on-site at the time was Stephanie this happened at store #6098.

She kept insisting that she couldn't that because the purchase was a WIC item and I kept telling her that the item was purchased with debit and if she took the time to run the card she would see that the transaction would pop up on the card including the time and date. I was so upset because my baby needed the milk and here was this person unable to help and not trying anything to help.

Walmart Cons: Customer service representative.

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For safety reasons, they shouldn't accept returns on formula at all.


Since people seem to be quick to judge, let me explain clearly. The item purchased by MISTAKE was a WIC item, which is also the reason we wanted to return it.

That does not mean that we dont have jobs or that I am on WIC assistance. So unless u have something useful to say or relevant for that matter keep your ignorant comments to yourself please.


Maybe your husband should have kept the receipt. Don't blame them for what he did.


Funny how you are on WIC and still have money for internet.


No wonder you guys have no job. You are irresponsible. Hold on to your receipt


I'm not on WIC. The item my husband purchased by MISTAKE was a WIC item. We both jobs ignorant ***


Walmart is doing the rational thing and not allowing returns for WIC items----there is so much fraud in this governmental giveaway program that Walmart is being proactive in limiting both their and the government's loss. People on welfare will buy items with their government free largess for which they themselves don't pay for and then attempt to return the items for cash.

Thus, the policy of not allowing returns at all on these products. By the way, it is always a nice idea to have an ample store of baby formula on hand when one takes on the responsibility of raising and feeding a child.


1. The item was purchased with credit/debit card.

2. I wanted the credit back not cash to purchase the correct milk.

3 they could've easily done a swap and I would've gladly paid the difference. WITH OUT GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE.


I think that you have got way too much time on your hands. Instead of trolling these sites and posting comments all the time, I think that you should make an effort to spend some quality time with that "little woman" of yours, as you called her in one of your comments about Dollar Tree.