Bad customer relations peoples attitude private security company telling me I cant *** park somewhere and put some shade tree upI have a disability and I use a service animal so I like to park in the shade for my service animal why do employees need to park in the shade when they are in the building all day why do you need parking in the shade for five semi loads when they should park in the back

User's recommendation: Shop somewhere else.

Location: Lynwood, California

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The only reason to need shade for your service animal would be if you were leaving it in the car----it head move on your part.


It shouldn't take that long to get out of the car or back in the car along with putting up any items you purchased so why the need for shade since your service animal should be going in the store with you? If you need the shade cause you're leaving the animal in the car then that's a frakking c**t move on your part.


Why are you complaining to Walmart when you need to be complaining to the Private Security Company? An employee working for the Private Security Company told you that you could not park there, Not Walmart. So, complain to the Private Security Company.

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