Springdale, Arkansas
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I simply asked a guy where the coffee makers were and he rudely said right in front of me. Well there was so much in front of me to begin with that I couldn't spot them right away.

Then when I went to pick up some produce, the cauliflower was not fresh. I tried to ask the worker on the floor at the time if they had anymore in the back, but he ignored me. I was finally so mad that I just picked up one of the cauliflower and threw it at the wall to get his attention.

I was wrong to do that, but I was just so furious by that time. He cocked a 'tude with me and I finally went to find a manager and could never fInd one.

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That cabbage patch had it coming punk be looking at me funny 2 I see it eyes staring be like dam u wanna fight me toss tat b at wall I wasn't playing I'm hardcore light tat *** be crazy hard life get service in crapy job.


I doubt you threw anything. But it does annoy me that people cant do anything for themselves in a store. Unless your blind or retarded, you should be able to find the coffee.


You must work for wal mart..if you are willing to treat someone like this then you are the one who has a problem..I for one do not care for bad customer service..I don't really know anyone who does either..so if you do work for them you are sure showing how the company looks at their customers..like we are pieces of *** that can't be trusted....thanks alot for your kind words.


Do you expect their employees to wipe your *** if you use their restroom as well? Face it, you are shopping in a big box, self service discount store. You shouldn't be expecting a lot of service and hand holding.


Some ppl are so rude and they always think they are right for there reaction but I tell you what if I were that person I promise you that you would think twice about doing it again. And to make a suggestion try looking for something before you ask somebody where something is do you think ppl work at wal-mart just to put your hands on the items your looking for

@If you want some come get some

Actually, helping customers find things is one of the Walmart worker's jobs. Stores, in general, move stuff around a lot.

I've asked an associate where something was and it turned out to be close by. I just laugh and say, 'duh', and they laugh as well.

Since I am elderly I'm sure they have grown used to that. :zzz


you know, since MsLea spends all of her time at Walmart and McDonalds, you think she would know where everything is in Walmart and memorize the entire menu at McDonalds.


you should have thrown a melon instead :D


I was thinking that "LazyFatB1tch" would be more appropriate for MrsLea.

BTW - Propelling an object at someone is assault. I hope you did speak to a manager so they can pass your information off to the cops.


well it looks like MsLea is back, only as AngryLady now. that's a pretty good name for her though.