Doraville, Georgia

Each and every time I go to the store Walmart in greenwood sc I get problems from the same employer Nancy. She is always giving me a hard time no matter we what.

I don't know whether its only me she does this way r what but I feel I spend my money and it should be appreciated. ...I really do feel this Walmart needs improvement u can't ge5 help when needed no where in the store. ..customer service is a b÷%#$ highly pissed.

All. The money I spend here for me to b judged for some reason....don't walmart customers service comes first???

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sorry about my previous comment as you can see I am a bored old hag that takes time to read complaints and then criticize them because I don't have enough intelligence to comprehend new age texting. please forgive my continued ignorance throughout this website.


Boy you have a lot of complaints about one store, considering your lack of capitalization on Greenwood, SC. What do you mean when you say store WalMart, shouldn't it be WalMart store?

Then you say no matter "we what" she always gives you a hard time. How do you always end up dealing with the employee named Nancy. You must seek her out, just so you have something to complain about. Exactly what does the following items mean?

"r", "u", "ge5".

Maybe it is a poor attitude on your part that gets you bad service. Your complaint sounds kind fake.