Philipsburg, Pennsylvania

I signed up for a walmart credit card at christmas time because of a special offer. I made an electronics purchase and it was UNRETURNABLE!

They said I only had 15 days to return it!!! NOW I am stuck with a product that has never been used and I CANNOT USE IT! Such deceptive advertising! Nowhere ONLINE did I see a statement regarding such a strict return policy. should have A BOLD DISCLAIMER when purchases are made. At the VERY LEAST a statement should be printed in BOLD letters on the printable receipt! I did not even get a packing slip! Walmart is WRONG and I will never make another electronics purchase.

I will go to FRY's Electronics from now on.

PS.... Lost my job and can't pay the credit card bill.... Just great - only have complaints about walmart. AND their food prices have gone up more than 45% since last year.

Went shopping yesterday and saw that a LOT of items have gone up an entire dollar! So... for let's say a package of Farmer John sausage - 2 weeks ago was 3.98 now it's 4.98.

That is an increase of 25.12% for one item. I've finally had it with walmart and will take the advice of my ENTIRE family (who keep telling me - why do I bother) and shop elsewhere!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You can't pay the credit card bill so you thought that if you returned the item and had the money credited back to your card then you wouldn't have to worry about the payment???? Walmarts policy has always been 15 days on electronics and I'm sure you knew that but were hoping they would make an exception just for you.


Let me guess, you already knew about the 15 day return policy on electronics at Walmart however, you lost your job and thought that you could go ahead and return the item after the 15 day period for some quick cash. Now your angry because they are sticking to their policy.Food prices on the other hand are increasing everywhere not just Walmart.

I'm sorry you lost your job but that's not walmarts fault. Policies are in place for a reason and are not adjusted per customer.


You cannot read right?Are did you over look the Find Print?I bet you can read Credit Bad from Non-Payment right?This is your next step after non payment,So you will not need a Walmart Credit Card at all case Closed.