Hana, Hawaii

While normally I have had nothing but good-to-great experiences at the Keeamoku Walmart I just recently had a "bad experience" with an employee that was taking his lunch break. This happened on 7/25/12 at roughly 2:50am. (5'8, about a chubby 200lbs. Dark, spotty complexion, in his 20's. Filipino with short hair and a mustache) As he was waiting in line to pay for his items he was very condescending and sarcastic. I got the impression that because he was on his break and not on the clock he could talk and treat customers badly.

After he muttered under his breath to the cashier that "Customers are ***" he quickly retreated to the breakroom towards the rear of the store, afraid to make eye contact with the rest of the customers standing in line. When I got to the cashier and I found out he worked there I felt I could not pay for my items (over $100 dollars, which I spend on average visits) I explained to the cashier I could not pay that much money for bad customer service and left my items with the cashier and exited the store.

Again I have had good experiences in the past but it took 1 bad employee to really stand out and make me evaluate whether to continue shopping there. I would not feel comfortable if my elderly parents were to shop there with this verbally abusive individual.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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There are never enough cashiers at any Wal-Mart I do to. They have around 20 check out stands yet only 5 will be open, and this is during prime time, get off work and gotta cook dinner type of hours.

Athens, Georgia, United States #546032

I understand the author's feelings, however, they're not on the clock....so who cares. The worst thing about Wal-Mart, aside from crappy management, is the way some customers treat the employees. Some people have this attitude that because they're shopping there they're automatically better than the worker and can treat them like a dog, management sides with the customer every time.


I agree with BigBruce, off the clock means leave me the f**k alone and find someone else to help you.


Ok, I have had the same experience happen to me when I was on my lunch break. Actually it was not a big deal to help the customer out.

You write down the amount of time it took to assist that customer "OFF THE CLOCK" and turn it in to management.

No big deal. Also, it wouldn't matter to me or not if I was on the clock, it is just being human and helping people, but that is just the way I am.


"the "off the clock" employee should had directed you to somebody else." NO - If they employee is off the clock, they have no obligation to help you, or look for help for you. If someone says they are on break, look for someone else YOURSELF. This is not bad customer service - THIS IS THE LAW.


the "off the clock" employee should had directed you to somebody else. that would have not taken any time from his/her break.

p.s. Walmart Co. treats their employees like ***. it's hard for an employee to have a good attitude when the company doesn't care for their workers.

compare Target Co. employees with Walmart Co. who has better customer service? i worked for both companies.

Target treats their workers far better than Walmart. Sam Walton is rolling in his grave to see how his company has turned out.


You are the one that needs to work on your reading comprehension. I keep telling you that I am not impersonating you and you keep saying I am.


Actually I am agreeing with you guys on this one, Jedi. She should not have got mad at the cashier who never said anything and leave all of her groceries with her.

You really need to work on your reading comprehension, Jedi. I made this clear in a post below.


What does somebody on break have to do with anything? Do they not have freedoms because they are in the same building that they work in?

Being off the clock, is OFF THE CLOCK. He was as much entitled to say or do what he wanted as anyone else.


so you used gas to drive there and didn't even buy anything because one employee annoyed you? also, it's okay for psychos like you and MsFatassLea to talk about stores and their employees but they can't talk about you or that insane Lea?


You should contact Mrslea C She can get her husband to fire that associate for you as long as she preforms sexual favours, why that is how she got pregnant in the first place.


No wonder why the associate muttered what he did. With aѕѕholes like you running around in the store leaving your groceries and walking out, they had every right to bitсh about you.


You should have just continued to check out and then spoke to a manager. The cashier can't control what other employees say.


" I explained to the cashier I could not pay that much money for bad customer service and left my items with the cashier and exited the store|."

How he we know why he feels badly about customers. Also if you had good experience in the past and don't shop because of one employee you have issues and probably should see a shrink.

At this rate you will run out of places to shop because every place has someone like him. When he made that comment about customers he made it about people like you.

Obviously your mother never taught you not to listen in on other people's conversations. She also taught you to leave things for other people to clean up.


So instead of proving the associate on break was wrong. You proved it.


So you pretty much blamed the cashier for the other associate's bad behavior. Leaving all that stuff at the register was just plain rude of you. You are not any better than the other associate.

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