Markham, Ontario
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Your stores hires retards with down syndrome and other disabilities. I am sick and tired of having to deal with incompetient people with disabilities.

Today one of your employees told my husband and I that I could not bring my dog in the store. I asked her why not and she made up some *** lie about it being health regulations. Whatever my husband had to wait outside with the dog.

Then I had to wait an hour for someone to help me. There was this child who purposely got in my way. He must have been two years old. I told his mother to get her child out of my way or I would kick him in the head. She then threatened me and the employees broke up the fight and did not take my side.

Then I made a complaint about how the store hires disabled people to the manager and how incompeint they are when they work and she told me that I had to respect the employees or get out of the store. I told her I was waiting a minute and even got my husband to verify it. Instead of verifying it my husband said I only waited ten minutes. I told the chicken employee who reported me that we will settle this in the parking lot so there would be on no one to smack this disabled retard and I was being watched obviously by their undercover security guard. The undercover security guard did nothing about the 10 year old boy who was staring at me. I asked him what the *** he was looking at and he said nothing. Then I threatened to slap him because he kept insisting he was not staring at me. He was about to hit me with something(which the manager claimed was self defence) I did not lay a finger on him. I wanted to and would have if the *** *** manager did not come in right that minute. That kid deserves to be beaten and killed. My husband who saw the incident fron outside told me I was being rude and I told him to keep his mouth shut or I would report to the police that he hit me and make sure that he never sees our ten year old daughter again. We fought on the way home and he had to stop several times because he claimed that I was preventing him from driving safely. Then my daughter pulled my last string and I started hitting her and left a mark on her face while my husband was in the shower. I took a picture of what I did to her to show the manager that this is how angry the employees made me and my husband got mad at me and told me to leave the house. I refused to leave, and he threatened to call the police no me.

I suffer from depression and am bipolar and none of this would have happened if my husband was allowed in the store, he would have calmed me down. Also the manager treated me like a child. When I told her that you employ retards and *** who won't let me bring my dog in she told me I have to be respectful. I told her that her employees are paid to hear complaints and if they don't like it they should quit. She treated me like I as my daughter's age and told me I could not attack her employees and have to show respect and not use proper languge and disabled people are allowed to work as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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my husband is bipolar and has anger management problems he takes medication maybe you should also. and how dare you berate a company for hiring people are are mentaly or handiaped in any way.

i think you are for acting this way. and you can not bring a dog or any other animal in anhy store unless they are a aid animal.

First Born Triplet

I am going to pretend she is not trolling and say this if that dog was a female dog that was not the only *** in the store.


i bet you weigh 300 pounds


It would have helped for me to have read all the replies. I apologize for dredging after it had been deemed a fake post....


I also find it a hoot that, unless your run & maintain this board, you think you get a say as to who responds to you. Stop trolling and people will stop calling you on it. *pats you on your head & gives you a cookie*

Let the grown ups talk now, mkay?


more likely, *** troll is ***.


The customer is always right! wtf


WOW! Whoever you are, you certainly know what buttons to push to get people to respond to your obviously made up cry for attention.

common man put some intellect and heart into it! Make me believe you, think, think, think- and choose a topic not so arrogant and make your character less crass, more real.


This is ridiculous. "She treated me like I as my daughter's age and told me I could not attack her employees and have to show respect and not use proper languge and disabled people are allowed to work as well." How dare you not be able to abuse an employee who has to consider the well-being of *all* customers, not just you.

And if a disabled person is capable of performing a simple job, they should be hired. See, here we actually have discrimination laws protecting the vulnerable disabled people from bigots like you. There are a few slow-ish people where I work, but you know what? They're very nice, and they really try.

Also you didn't have to leave your husband outside with the dog, you can leave the dog and bring the husband, or YOU can stay in the car, so the innocent 2 and 10-year-olds in this world can be left alone. 10 year olds stare at random things, toddler run into people's legs. THEY'RE CHILDREN. So kindly get a grip, crazy.

Or at least some medication.

P.S. I've been diagnosed with depression, but I've never randomly attacked a stranger just because i had a bad day.


you really have a problem... people with disabilities have the right to work too.

you have a disability, wouldn't you want someone to hire you? Personally I wouldn't give you the time of day when you are the one acting like a 2 year old just because you couldnt bring in your dirty dog


why would you wont to bring your prt in the store where their are other people children..nobody wonts to shop around your dirty *** dog...what u need to do is sit your crazy *** down why would you complain about someone being disabled when you got problems your *** self...get a life and sit outside of walmart with your dumb *** husband


You don't like people who are mentally disabled, and yet you use your emotional disability (depression/bipolar disorder) as an excuse for how you can behave badly? You need professional help. You're such a hypocrite.


Well first of all he may be older than 10, he could be 11 or 12(doubt he is older than 12). A big cry baby at that.

Just used ten as a round figure, and that ten year old if the manager did not come would have hit me.

Anways do not post unless you agree with me. Get a life instead of bashing me.


wow...can anyone say lock her away and throw away the key? f.y.i.

it's probably totally fake and if you have depression and bipolar issues. the judge would so go in favor of your husband. sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

you really are a sorry excuse of a human. it's pretty sad we are same species.


*** You, and the dog cant go inside because people can be allergic to the animal, also Walmart is most likely going to hire your *** up daughter who has been abused, and had to live with your *** ***. Also sorry you had a bad day jackoff.


if u're real

i suggest suicide. cuz *** u crazy


Were you taking your medication that day? If you did, it wasn't working.

Evidently you have some real issues and picking on handicapped people is not the way to resolve it!

Isn't it always easier to pick on others who are less than we are because of their age, sex or disability? Next time, STAY HOME and let your husband do the shopping; you don't deserve to be in pubic!


Why pick on a 10-year old? Take a shot at me; I'm 66 but am not afraid to mix it up in the parking lot with a ***. I might have an advantage since I would be able to pull some hair, but you would have a problem getting hold of my non-existent.


Why pick on a 10-year old. Take a shot at me; I'm 66 and am not afraid to mix it up with a *** anytime.


What the *** is the matter with you? First of all, no, you can't bring your dog into the store unless they are a service dog.

Is this new to you or something?

Secondly, I feel terrible sorry for your husband. I'm sure that he was quite relieved to stay outside with your dog, rather than have to put up with a heartless, insufferable *** such as yourself.