Orlando, Florida
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Went to Walmart and the cashier ignored me then when I asked for 50.00 cash back and she gave me a big bill,so when I asked for a smaller bill she said no,and told me to go to customer service so when I did that they ignored me and was talking amongst themselves and they finally broke down my 50.00. I went a few days later and I had to return something and there was a long line at customer service and only one person working so I waited 30 minutes and left.

Never will I shop at any Walmart or neighborhood walmarts again.

I'll stick with Target and Publix. Your eployees act inconsiderate and racist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: I hate walmart.

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Hm. I've never been to a walmart where you can get $50 cash back.

They are usually increments of $20, so you can get $40 or $60, but not $50.

With a check you can only write it for up to $20 over. How strange...


I'm sure you got that $50 back from your EBT card.... Loser


The cashier gave you the $50 you asked for. It would spend anywhere just like a $10 or $20 bill, and just because you waited in line awhile doesn't make them "racist".

Any time you all don't get your way or something happens you don't like the first thing you cry is racism. I feel sorry for Target and Publix now that they will have to deal with you.