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I was at Walmart Hains city on 3/20/2017 exact time 7.00 pm till 7:15 pm at the garden center when i approached the line to pay, the cashier was I do not recall her name . but the recite said ST #00725 OP#007551 TE #72 TR # 01769.

The cashier was on the Walmart phone at the other register. She seemed not talking only holding the phone just like she is waiting for someone. After several minute i spoke and i asked the cashier if she need me to go and call for some help, or if i call a manager because she seemed holding the phone for long time. I was surprised when the cashier did not answer me .

Very rude I just was trying to help. I did ask her the second time " Excuse me Ms, do you want me to go and call for help" i did not receive any answer from the cashier very very rude. Suddenly the cashier returned to her post just like nothing happen and she start serving the guests. I still do not know what exactly was waiting for.

after two customer passe by, my turn come. The cashier asked me how many bags of soil you have, Very rude no hello or did you find everything OK. I told the cashier you go a head and count them. She grab her scanner the manual one and she scanned 4 bags of soil.

I had five bags of soil, very disappointed that Walmart is hiring cashier they cannot count more tan five very surprising. I left the store and I come back to buy my grocery when I meet Mr. Jun the assistance manager i told him the story and he was very helpful. he did listen to my entire story and told another manager that i do not remember his name.

I hope that Walmart one day start hiring educated people.

Good luck Ms. Lisa Kessler.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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THe only person that was rude was you for interrupting her while she was on the phone. But I agree in the case of you she should have helped you first.

You obviously are nine years old and could be coming to her because you lost your mommy who would be very disappointed that you did not wait for her to get off the phone before talking to her.

While bashing her for counting you should bash yourself for your terrible spelling and grammar.Surely you should know how to spell words like "passed" and "I" and "than" even at nine years old. If you want them to hire educated people do not apply for a job yourself because clearly you are uneducated.


I hope that one day Walmart will start having educated consumers.


Read your last paragraph. You write like a child and should therefore not be commenting on the education of others.


Your the one that needs an education! Did you read your own complaint or can you read??