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my son was having a birthday i went to walmarts bakery to order a cake well the girl working at the bakery went to find the other girl she came back and said her shift is up and she cant find the other girl and then she left me standing there.

that was very rude i used to work for walmart and remember in my orientation them saying as long as you are wearing your badge you need to help the customers because you will get paid for that time.

it does not take no time at all to take an order and post it or what ever they do with it.

i have had other employees who been rude with me due to either something happened on the home front or they are pissed with their supervisor or other co-workers.

i do not think it is right to the customer. if it was not for the customers walmart would not be in business and them people would not have a pay check

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #52815

Yeah, things may be different now (at her store at least). At the store I work at you used to be able to go over your time but now you can't. It may be that way at her store, who knows.

Saint Regis Park, Kentucky, United States #32930

i was not working at this certain walmart

Saint Regis Park, Kentucky, United States #32929

I did not say i was terminated i was only there long enough to get money to go to college. and also i did not say i had a better job than these people and that girl was behind the counter and anyways whats your excuse for the other one who shift just began and was not behind that counter and the girl was not off the clock and yes they do pay over time .I think i said that earlier as long as they have the badge on they have to help i know there was times i was either on my way to the time clock or on my way to lunch and had to stop

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #32853

And I bet if you were the associate in her situation sugarrush you would want to leave when your shift was over because they have to deal with customers like you. What are you getting back at your coworkers because you think you are better than them because you have a better job. Well your attitude proves this wrong

Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India #31499

You went to college and your grammar and punctuation look like that? Is Walmart offering online college courses now too? Hmmph, whoda thunk.....


When the shift is over with the associate removes his or her name badge so they can walk to the time clock to clock out. Walmart will not pay over time and the associate can get in trouble for helping someone off the clock.

If you did work for wal mart you know this. You probably got terminated like ghostbuster stated.

Saint Regis Park, Kentucky, United States #30597

actually ghost buster i never said i was terminated i worked there til i got through college to get a better job and two the letter was about bad customer service. and i thought that was what this site was about something a company did to make a customer pissed so i did.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #30366

I wonder if her termination has something do with this letter.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry little timmy's birthday is ruined!!

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