Jacksonville, Florida

I purchased Wal Mart brand Tilapia Fillets and they tasted like cleaning solution. We had to spit out the first *** because it tasted like straight pine sol or something to that effect. They were obviously inedible but I couldn't even find a contact number for Wal Mart to warn them that Lot Code GM00196 Plant Code 4400/02276 purchased in Jacksonville FL are definetly tainted.

I am more annoyed that there is no way to lodge a consumer complaint with them with out signing up to become a member.

So again I want to stress that Lot Code GM00196 Plant Code 4400/02276 purchased in Jacksonville FL are definetly tainted.

ANd they will be selling them until they run out.

I won't be able to trust the food there and I can't be bothered bringing back fish into a Wal Mart. Its not like they will cook it up right there and try it.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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first of all,you dont have to be a member to shop at walmart... just call them, phone book, google search for number..

or call 1-800-walmart to report your problem, and they would gladly accept your cooked fish returned. just explain the problem. I had something similar happen with bad chicken from albertsons.

I marched right back with the stinky stuff. and was refunded.


I bought tilapia at walmart in Ocala fl. I have bought it there before and no problems.

this bag smelled like ammonia and there was not lot number or exp. date or anything. I tried to call the company that makes it but there was no number. It is the 4 pd blue bag and it states distributed for walmart.

I took it back and bought another bag and thought I would be safe because this bag had a lot number and exp date but it was the same wit the light ammonia smell.

The lot number 55485 and says its expires 1/16/16.I contacted the store manager and he said they would check out the warehouse. I told him they needed to be pulled off the shelf.I cannot trust the fish anymore.