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I have purchased several spoiled food items from Walmart all of which were either frozen or fridge items, such as pot pies, milk, cheese, the cheese was moldy, lasagna, ice cream that had been melted and re-frozen, my family actually vomited all night after eating the Stouffers Lasagna that probably had been frozen, thawed and allowed to set for days then re-frozen. Also I actually saw a lady open a jar of baby food, stick her finger in it to let her kid taste, when the baby spit and started crying she put the top back on it and returned it to the shelf. So I DO NOT EVER buy food from Walmart.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Watch the way food is handeled.

Walmart Cons: Handeling of food.

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You poor baby, you don't say anything that can prove your complaints. The fact that your family allegedly vomited all night after eating the Stouffer's Lasagna.

Did it occur to you that all of you could have had stomach flu. Something like that can hit with no previous symptoms and can hit an entire family at the same time or within a very small time frame. Unless you were medically diagnosed you can't say the illness was from the lasagna. I also doubt that you have had all the problems that you mentioned with food from WalMart.

IF you really saw a lady open a jar of baby food, then put it back on the shelf you should have made sure which jar it was and went and found a manager to show him/her.

I have a hunch you are what is known as a chronic complainer and when you buy a food that is spoiled before the date on it, you should take it AND the receipt back to the store. Problem solved.