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Three out of four times times I go to Walmart to buy fruits,when I get home the middle and bottom are rotten.I brought this to the attention of product manager and nothing happened.Sent two emails to Walmart and they never responded.I now do not buy fruits and vegetables from here.I buy my groceries here,when they are not out,but they is all.Its a shame that they do not care anymore than that about their customers.Maybe this is the reason that they are losing customers and people are so fed up with the way they treat customers. I have always been told not to buy there meat and never have or will.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I haven't seen any news at all about Walmart losing customer counts. I have seen a bit about somewhat smaller basket sizes, as there are now competitors out there with radically different business models, such as Aldi, and that does appear to be having an impact.

As far as your produce problem...

The First Rule in buying anything is to select carefully at the store. Touch it, feel it, gently squeeze it, smell it. Produce is all packaged in such a way to allow this, easily.

Produce is a natural product. Every piece grows to its own.

Some are just "perfect", some more or less blemished, some go "off" sooner or later than others. No two pieces are ever the same.

Ever hear of "Buyer Beware". Basically, you have money to buy something. A store sells whatever it pleases, presumably because the product will please the most number of their customers.

You only buy and pay for whatever they offer that pleases you.

The system works... You should try it sometime.