Yonkers, New York
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On Dec 3, 2011 at about 3:00PM I was at the Walwart #2905 in Suffern NY. The cashier was Valerie.

I informed her that I would like to LOAD a Walmart Shop card with $100.00. She was unable to do so. She proceeded to speak to Angela. Valerie returned and was told by Angela that it could not be done.

I ask Valerie to try again and again unsuccessful. I asked her to call Angela over which she did. Angela began to walk away. I told Valerie to stop her and come to the register.

Angela came over with an attitude. Without even trying she told me that it could not be done and I needed to purchase a new card. I told her to try. She did and it failed again.

I told her that I wanted a store manage and she told me that she was one. I told her I then wanted to speak to the General Manager and I did not get a response. She again told me that he card was NO good. I told her to use it as a SHOP CARD transaction.

After 2 tries it finally worked. Angela patted herself on the back, did a dance and said that she knew she could figure it out and walked away. Not even a thank you or sorry for the delay. Angela's customer service and performance is not becoming to a Walmart Manager or any other retailer and gives the store a BAD IMAGE.

I expect Angela to be reprimanded and disciplined in this matter. I expect a full follow up and to be contacted on this OUT RAGOUS PERFORMANCE.

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First off learn some proper grammar. You complain about the manager yet with your poor grammar you have little room to talk.

If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black. Secondly your cheap *** shopped at Walmart. If you want top notch customer service you actually have to go to a nicer store and spend money to receive it.

Walmart isn't know for their customer service. Third quit crying like a big baby and get over it.